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The passing of Dusty Rose

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My dear friend and co-worker's kitty suddenly crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday 9/19/05. Dusty Rose is survived by her best kitty friend Magic, who misses her a lot. She also leaves beloved family members Ashley and Blake, who grew up with Dusty and Magic and are devastated. Ashley is away at school, so had to be informed by phone. Their parents have also shed some tears over this beautiful gray cat, who seemed fine several days ago.

On Sunday, Dusty appeared to have lost some fur, and didn't seem as neat and clean as she usually kept herself. She was rushed to the vet Monday morning, and declared to be in renal failure. At the vet's suggestion, due to Dusty's age and level of discomfort, she was allowed to cross the bridge with her Daddy at her side.

We grieve the loss of this beautiful cat, as we rejoice that she is restored to kittenish health. Now she is free to sneak outside and play, without having to be chased through the neighborhood and caught to bring back inside. Now she can chase all the butterflies and crickets she wants.

Condolences to Ashley, Blake, Magic, and their parents at this difficult time. May your memories sustain you at this difficult time.
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Awwww Becky i'm so sorry for your friends loss

Dusty Rose sounds like she was well loved and will be truly missed by them all.

But your right, she now has her full health restored and is frolicking away over Rainbow Bridge where she is making new friends to play with

RIP Dusty Rose Enjoy your new home to play until you see your human family again
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Please convey my condolences to Ashley, Blake, Magic & family on the tragic loss of their precious sweet one, Dusty Rose. I am glad that they made the right decision to spare their precious princess the inevitable agony that awaited her, instead releasing her to enjoy her reward over the Rainbow. These will indeed be dark days, and you are a dear friend to be there for them during this difficult time. I hope that their hearts heal quickly - they have so much love & care to give and so many cats & kittens who need them!! I will light a candle for Dusty Rose. Hugs, susan
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RIP Dusty Rose. You and her family are in my thoughts.
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Thanks, Susan, Susan and Abby's Mom. An update; rather than tell Ashley by phone, she will be flying home this weekend so they can tell her face to face. Such a hard time in anyone's life, to lose the pet of their childhood.
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I am sorry to hear about Dusty Rose's passing. Condolences to her family and loved ones.
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so sorry fo heard that..
My deep condolences to this family..
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