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Today's the day!

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The boys are going in to be neutered ! They are not happy campers right now, they kept going to their bowls last night like "Why is there no food here?" and they're in their carriers right now before I head out the door.
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Good luck!
Flibbo was quite grumpy after getting fixed.
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Good luck! I'm sure everything will be fine, but will keep fingers crossed anyway.
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good luck furbabbies before ya know it will all be over with and you can get lots of rest and be spolied
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Poor babies!!, sending many healing vibes their way
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aww dont worry everything will be okay!!
kaylee has to get spayed in a few months
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I'm sure they will come through with flying colors!!
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Sending mega vibes your way!
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Thanks guys . To top it off after I got back from dropping them off I had a call from my Dr's office where there was a "spot" on my mammogram and they wanted me to come in for a follow-up. I was going to do it tomorrow since the boys are at the vet's today, but decided I didn't want to wait and since I'm only about 5 minutes from the hospital went on in. Not to worry, several additional films didn't show anything and they decided it was a positional thing with the original films *shew!*

I think I'm going to chill for the rest of the day!
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Speedy recovery vibes for the boys and I'm glad all is ok with your test results!
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Oh glad the mammogram thing was ok........although most of the time they are.

Kitties will be fine!
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Awww good luck to the boys, and I am glad your second test was clear....

Sit back and relax today, sounds like you have earned it!
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Sending speedy recovery vibes to the boys from us. What a relief that your second test showed no further problems!
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Vet just called! She said they came through fine, blood work was great, and they're awake and eating ! I bet they are, the poor babies are probably famished! I can go and pick them up any time after 2:00 or so. Whoof! So glad to have this over and done with!
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So glad the boys and you all got a clean bill of health!
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glad they are ok,my 2 where very quiet n wobbly afterwards,
my dog was the funniest he walked like a drunk who had lost his horse
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Glad all is well. My avatar boy Will just got done, and he acts like nothing happened. Even forgave me for starving him. (They didn't let me give him food until the next day!)

Glad all is well at your house now, hope you get to bring them home, soon!
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Aww, glad to hear your boys made it through ok
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Ari slept most of the next 24 hours after his neuter. Decided the computer monitor was nice and warm and perfect for his recovery.

to the boys!
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I'm sure all will go well. Keep us posted how they are doing.
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Aw good stuff!
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Originally Posted by consumercity
Speedy recovery vibes for the boys and I'm glad all is ok with your test results!
....Milky send his best vibes for this! ....
Don´t get nervous ......
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They're home now ! You'd never even know anything was done except that they've been sniffing and licking each other like "You smell funny!" Mithril does NOT travel well , meowing constantly and pulling at the carrier door during the 15-20 minute ride over there.. You never get a peep from Narsil. If I do decide to show one of them later, it'll have to be Narsil as he's just soooo much more laid back and has a "So?" attitude.
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Cindy...I am so glad that you are OK.
It was smart to get the second mamo done right away.
What a relief that it was a technical error.

Your boys came through their surgery like champs.
Way to go kids
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