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More than 1 litter box?

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Just curious...do I still need more than 1 littler box?
I have to cats and they both poo and pee in the same box. I have never had a problem with them doing it anyplace else.
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Usually its 1 box per cat. But if you keep it very clean, I don't see why not.

I ahve 4 kitties but its a small apartment and no room for anymore than 2 boxes, so I just keep them scooped anytime theres something in it.
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It's usually one litterbox per cat
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I scoop in the AM and the PM....and in between if I see any "hunks" or see that the littler has been humped up.
Toby is a very clean cat....and once when I had been sick and lazy about cleaning the litter all day, he came and got up on the bed yowling...then jumped off and turned and looked over his shoulder at me as he shot out of the room. (He had to do this 2 times before i got the message and followed him.....humans can be stupid from time to time)
He went straight to the litter and looked at it, then looked up at me and yowled again to let me know I was shurking my duty. After i scooped he said "purrrrt" (I think that means either "thanks Mom" ...or ...."about time Stupid") then he promtly hopped in and did his thing. (If his water dish happenes to get empty before I see it he will also push it out of the bathroom towards where ever I am too....think he might be part DOG?)
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Oh Sophie does that!.

Nearly everytime i scoup, she sits and watches, but after i finish i sit and watch her because she'll always manage to do something in the tray no matter how small
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I have 2 cats and 2 litterboxes. Sometimes the one litterbox doesn't get used for a few days at a time (it's clean!) and then they start using it again. I think it's fine if you only have one litterbox as long as it seems to be working for your situation (and it sounds like it is).
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Way back ions ago when I only had 2 cats: I had only one litter box.

They were both girls and had NO issues using it after / with each other and neither girlcats went anywhere other than the sole box.

Now that I have 6 cats, I have 6 litter boxes!
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I have 4 kits and 4 litter boxes. and beleive me, they all get used!
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I have 6 cats and 3 litterboxes. I've always equated 2 cats per box. All of their litterboxes are covered, scooped 2 - 3 times per day and dumped, washed & refilled once every 2-weeks. Usually, there are no problems/odors although I find the kittens are the "stinkers".
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