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Give those cats "The Clap"!

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I thought that title might get your attention!
I found when my cats were kittens, and doing anything I didn`t want them to do...that clapping my hands while sharply saying "NO!" worked pretty good.You do have to be consistant at first though.
Cats do not understand spraying in the face with water or smacking them....but they do NOT like loud and sudden noises.
Rarely do i have to do anything other than firmly say "NO" to them anymore. Once in awhile, if it is a "new-no" then I may have to clap my hands at them.
Has anyone else found this to work for them?
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Thank you so much for not shouting and not spraying water at your kitts

Yes i have clapped my hands also, but not too loud as i hate to give them a fright, but yes it does work
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My Marlee is a little too stubborn for that. It doesnt seem to phase her! I haven't tried anything else yet, besides clapping and saying a firm NO. I've only had her a little less than two weeks, so hopefully I'll find something to work for us!
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I clap as well, if they are in the process of running out the door into the apartment hall, then I yell, not loudly, just their names and either stomp my feet or clap a few times. It stops them in their tracks.. but they won't leave the doorway till I come up to them
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My Toby used to try to escape into the garage, which terrified me cause I did`nt know if one of our vehicles might have an antifreeze leak, and I definatly DID not want him to get into it.....but the one time he did make it into the garage he would`nt let me catch him...just kept dodging around and under the cars. Then I got an idea....I opend the door going into the house and then dragged the blade of the snow shovel across the cement(AWFUL SOUND!)....He BEE-LINED it for the open door in a flash. I washed his little paws before he got a chance to...."just in case" ...and he has NEVER tried to get in the garage again. Now when the door is open he will come over and lay down on the rug beside the door and peer into the garage....but he makes no attempt to enter it. ( I do know it really scared him! And I intended for it to! Garages are just tooooo dangerous...for many reasons!)
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I tried Clapping- London just gives me this look of "Um...that's quite irritating....perhaps you should consider stopping." Actually, even the water with London takes several squirts to take effect, but clapping- absolutly nothing. I also don't think he associates the clapping with the negative behavior, but instead with me being scary, which I don't like.
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Most of the times, my cats will respond to my tone of voice. They can tell by that when I mean business.
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I snap my fingers. By now they know that means I'm unhappy with something they're doing and sometimes they even stop doing it!!
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Mine respond well to a sharp intake of breath - probably sounds like a hiss to them. Usually stops them dead in their tracks.
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All I have to do is to say NO to mine.
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Clapping gets my boys' attention and they both seem to really know that they're not supposed to be doing that. However, whether they feel like behaving is another story!
I used the water spray when they were kittens. Now I just have to shake the bottle at them and they'll stop.
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