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Stormy Cats

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I'm just wondering how all your little furballs let you know a storm is on the way, and if they do at all.

Emmett was pacing yesterday afternoon and I didn't understand why, then we had a big storm last night. He doesn't go crazy when the storm is going on, just before, like a warning.
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My cats don't act very different that I've noticed.
When we had Milo he would start growling a walking low before it rained.

Hehe, when I read the title I thought it was about my kitties!!!
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I think Guin notices, but I don't think he's too bothered His little ears prick up and he walks about a bit funny but other than that, he's fine!
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Do anyone else notice that the animals in the places that the tsunami hit seemed to know that it was coming and moved way inland? That's so cool.

Anyway none of my cats ever seems to have a clue. There hasn't been a big earthquake since I've had these three, but my old cat Nancy always seemed as surprised as we were by them. She liked to take refuge behind the refrigerator!
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Reilly goes to the window and sniffs the air
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I don't think my cats really care if it's going to storm, but I suffer from frequent headaches, and the pressure changes that usually accompany foul weather can give me a serious migraine. The cats do react to that. If anything, they tend to become very solicitous of me when there's a storm coming. It's like "Uh-oh, weather's getting bad ... Need to keep an eye on Mommy!" I'm not even allowed to go to the bathroom alone, if the cats know bad weather's on the way ...
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Mine are oblivious until something actually happens. Milo does hate thunder though, so if that starts before the rain you will find him hiding under the bed!
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Harley will pace around and sit by the window and just look outside before it storms...he will get a little wild too...not like a storm makes him do that, he's already normally wild but usually he's a little more wild than usual!!

When it rains out he likes to sit by the patio window, sometimes I'll open the window for him a bit and he likes the cool breeze that comes in thru the screen, its a kitty babysitter for me when it rains...I always know where he's at!
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I choose:
Look out here comes crazy cats!!! ......Because his Loyal Majesty......... is terrify about the "Thunders"!..
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Originally Posted by Mirinae
I'm not even allowed to go to the bathroom alone, if the cats know bad weather's on the way ...
I can't even go alone with its nice out
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He just looks out the window then looks back at me and stares at me.
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