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What To Do?

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I am wondering if anyone knows if there is anything I can to to get my baby to pee. He had obstruction twice last week and I have him home now. He had two surgeries and had to stay in the ER for a week. I took him for a check up today and they told me everything is fine but the last hour he has been trying to pee and can't. He did this last night and I ran him to the vet where they told me he was fine and when we got home he went pee. I can't afford to keep taking him in. I honestly can't afford all the bills from the week he was in there. I had to put it on my credit card. In the last two weeks I have spent over $3000. I love my cat and I can't let him die but I can't afford to keep going to the doctors. If someone out there knows a trick or how to do somethingto get him to pee, please let me know. . I don't want to hurt him but I can't afford to do anything. This has been the worst week and can't have my baby die. My grandpa and my husband's friend died this week and I don't think I can handle anything else.
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Go back to the VET PLEASE
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This poor baby has a full bladder and we know ourselves how painful that can be

Please take him back because they may have to drain it themselves
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There is nothing you can do for the cat except take him back to the vet. I have two cats, both males, who have urinary problems. Both eat special food from the vets office which helps this problem.
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I did take him back last night and they wanted to readmit him but I didn't have $1800 to pay so The vet cathaterized him to release his bladder and I brought him home. He is doing ok at the moment but I fear if he blocks again I can't afford to admit him. I asked the vet last night what are the options and she said that to put him in the hospital and then the surgean in the morning can tell if he needs a P.U. surgery which over here where I live cost $3000. I didn't have the original money we paid and I do not have money to pay for this surgery. The vet also told me he can have kidney problems later even if we do the surgery. I want to thank you all for your concerns. I wish I had money. It is weird I never really thought I was that poor till I went to the vet. If I had enough money I would do everything they said but that is not the case. Hopefully I am praying that my cat will recover with a miracle and I won't have to face the fact that my cat has to die because I don't have money to save him. Thank you for your concerns and I am taking this one step at a time.
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Wow, $3000! Our vet charges about $250 for this. Take a plane over here and have it done here, it would be cheaper than having it done there!!! You CAN gently express his bladder, we do it at work. If you can do it a few times throughout the day, the blockage might not stick in there. There is a thing called Care Credit, maybe if you applied for it, it could help so you can afford the surgery?
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I would really like to know how you do this express bladder thing? Also I tried to find his bladder but am unsure where it is and how to find it. I wonder why the surgery is so much here? I guess it is like going to beverly hills, its location. thanks
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Originally Posted by samurai's mom
I would really like to know how you do this express bladder thing? Also I tried to find his bladder but am unsure where it is and how to find it. I wonder why the surgery is so much here? I guess it is like going to beverly hills, its location. thanks
It feels like a hard ball in the stomach.... I would talk with a vet, but if you do this you have to be very gentle!!!!
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Well, if kitty is filling up, the bladder will be pretty big, and if he's slim enough, it should be easy after a few attampts. It can get large, like the size of a golf ball or even a baseball. You have to be extremely careful not to squeeze too hard, do it gently. What I do is face the cat away from me, have someone else hold the head if possible, and put one hand on the spine for support. Put the other hand around the abdomen, locate the bladder and squeeze gently. If your kitty tolerates it, the tail will come up and if all goes well, you should get a stream. Watch out that it doesn't spray you! You may want to wear a towel or two or do it outside! Good luck, let me know how it goes. If you still can't feel it, ask your vet to demonstrate. Hopefully they won't charge you for that!
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How's it going with your kitty??
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It is like night and day. He is acting like is old self. Being crazy and getting into what ever he can. So I just keep my fingers crossed that he doesn't block again. Thanks for all the concerns and help.
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Make sure to feed him ONLY wet food, no dry at all. This will go a long way toward preventing recurrence.
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My baby wasn't doing as good as I thought. I had to put him to sleep last night. That was the hardest thing ever. So this is going to be my last time on this site. I am not dealing to well and this site just reminds me of samurai to much, it hurts. Thank you everyone for your help and concerns and the best luck with your kitties.
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Oh.. Thats so sad. I just lost my Ginger too. I felt quite empty when it happened. Although nothing ever replaces the lost pet. I found that a kitten helps ease the pain. We have cats as pets becuase we like them. Don't go without. Take your time and get a kitten when you feel up to it.
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