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Isn't it a bit soon?!?!

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Okay... as you all know I'm working in Stop & Shop, again! LoL... well, this time around, it's actually not that bad but I'll explain that in another thread cuz I have to update you guys on what has been going on... the point of this thread however is to ask... isn't a little early to have Christmas decorations up.... Okay.. I walked into the store last week and to my surprise and disgust... The Christmas merchandise was already starting to appear... If you walk thru the aisles all the Halloween stuff is out, which is understandable because that is the next big holiday... but there is a HUGE Christmas snow globe in the front of the store... It's supposed to be the newest lawn decoration for this season... It's a big snow globe with a snowman inside and it actually snows... now, it's really huge and guawdy but that's not the worst part... Christmas is 3 MONTHS away!!! They're killing me with this!! LoL AND the funniest thing is that customers walk into the store and stop in front of it and stare like tourists... some of them poke at it to see if it'll pop and part of me is hoping that one day it explodes on someone and all the little foam snowflakes fly out all over the store... LoL
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It speaks volumes to me.
Slowly over the years, all holidays (at least here in the states) are becoming more commercial, and soon will completely lose any meaning for the generations yet to come.
It makes me angry and sad all at the same time.

Especially Christmas, it doesn't even matter if you're Christian or not, this used to be a wonderful holiday, when viewed through a child's eyes.
But if things continue as they are, I'm afraid even that will be lost in time.
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Ugh. Don't they know you're not supposed to do Xmas decorations til after Thanksgiving! I swear it's earlier every year!
We had halloween candy and decorations on sale here in AUGUST. I kid you not. Craziness.
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I think they really are pushing the seasons forward too much and taking the joy out of celebrating these holidays!!
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That stupid snow globe has been at the local wal mart for two weeks!!!
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Let the Holiday Frenzy begin..Ugh.
The commercialism is sickening. It's all so anti-climatic afterwards, like "I got all stessed out over THIS???" I hate it. I wish I could move to Antartica for 3 months.
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