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The Oil Gland Thing

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First time kitten owner. What does everyone do about the oil gland thing? Do you HAVE to do this? How often? When? Where? Why? Will in not seem as gross after I do it a couple of times?
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What do you mean "oil gland"?? Are you speaking about the anal sacs?
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Most cats don't have a problem with thier anal sacs. It's most often seen in dogs and certain breeds. If a cat has trouble with them, they just need to be expressed when necessary. I really don't think it gets any less gross
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Hmmm...I wonder if that may Gypsy's problem...Her butt, while its usually clean looking has a bit of a smell. ( the only reason I know, is that she is one of those 'I love you so much I'm gonna put my butt in your face' cats ) Maybe I'll have the Vet check her glands when I take her in to be spayed at the end of this month.
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Yes, I mean the anal sack. The groomer said I need to do it once a month. If I don't need to do it that often, how would I know when to do it? Thanks
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They tend to scoot on thier rear and the smell is very similar to fish. Out of 12 cats, I have never have to express anyone. As I said, its much more common in dogs.
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I would definitely wait to see if your kitty has an anal gland problem before you try to mess around back there . Look for signs of discomfort (the cat gets very angry when you go near his rear and tries to maul you, scooting on his butt [which Anne mentioned], redness or swelling of his butt [which could indicate an infected sac], a brownish stain on his butt not like what you may have seen from him not cleaning so good back there, and the gross smell [also mentioned by Anne]). If you notice just a bit of a smell and no other problem, you could try giving him a wipe back there every once in a while (better than dealing with the goop that comes out of the sacs ).
Hopefully your cat is one of the many that just expresses the glands normally when he has a bowel movement. However, if you end up having to do it and are having problems, try taking a look at this site:
It's worth a visit just to see the Flash animation :laughing: . Also, you could just leave the expressing to the groomer or a vet.
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Vicki, thank you so much for the info. I have already decided that this is something I don't want to do. Since my kitten is Persian and will need to be groomed every day I want her to be comfortable with brushing and combing so I think I'll just have the Vet check her annually when she has to go back for boosters. That is a wonderful web site you listed - anything and everything medical. That will be very helpful! Thanks again - I'm moving on to bigger and better things like getting her to scratch and chew on her scratching posts instead of my furniture!!
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I believe she would take offense to such vile behavior (this, all said in a southern accent)- "do not be touching my behind, I am not a peasant domestic short haih! .... I do declah I've neva been so violated....:tounge2: :tounge2:
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