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Some people are UNBELIEVABLE!!

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Earlier this evening, my hubby, son and I were watching TV, and at the bottom of the screen flashed an Amber Alert for a 2 year old boy. They gave his description and area last seen and a description of the car that took him. This all happened in an area only about 20 miles from my home.
My husband left at 10 pm to go to work, and he hears on the radio that the Amber Alert was no more, but they reported that the child was in the vehicle when someone carjacked the vehicle at gunpoint, and the driver was unable to rescue the child. My hubby called and told me this, but the news on the radio didn't say if they found the child. I told him I'd stay up and watch the 11:00 news.
The news came on and reported that the Amber Alert was all a hoax by some that made this report and come to find out, his son lives in a different state, and on top of that, this jerk (to put it nicely) doesn't even own a car!!
How could someone even think of doing something like that???!!!! And, Why would someone make such a claim??? Did this person think the cops would all just laugh? I am soooooo angry right now!!
As soon as I can find a link to this story, I will post it. Like I said, this all happened just tonight, so I probably won't be able to find anything til tomorrow.
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How stupid. Was he going for 15 minutes of fame or what? I hate that people use their children for ridiculous crap like this.
Did the news say who the man was or what they planned on doing with him?
Amber Alerts are serious stuff. I cant comprehend what entices people to do this stuff.
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some people are just sick in the head!
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They did report his name, but I don't recall it. As of 11:00, he was being charged with making a false report. I don't know yet if he'll get more charges. I wish my local news would update their website more often.
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Here is one link I found, but it's not very informative.
As soon as I can find more, I'll post it.

Okay, got a better link to this: http://lancasteronline.com/pages/news/local/17145
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That jerk really needs to get a life. I hope he has to spend at least some time in jail for taking up police time that could have been spent investigating real crimes!
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There has been some hoax's around here lately too. These people that do that kind of stuff need professional help!!
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