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Cat & Mouse

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ohkay so we all know I have a cat...well aparently i have a mouse too. I notice the problem a couple of days ago. Kitty would randomly chase things and I couldnt figure out why until i saw the little bite holes everywhere. Im deathy afaird of mice even though i've had several hamsters. Today she finally cought the mouse. She had it in her mouth and climbed onto my bed which promptly got me screaming. So she ran towards me droping the mouse(which was still alive) I ran out of the room after that and after coming back ten mins later, we couldnt find the mouse and Kitty strinks away from me(like she did when i first got her) I've tried telling her I was sorry and i feel really bad about this. Im sure she'll get over it but how do i deal with this? if this ever happens again because i really hate mice!!
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Sounds like you need some humane mouse traps. That way they won't hurt your kitty. Kitty is just trying to bring you a present by giving you the mouse. I'm sure Kitty will get over the fact that you didn't appreciate the present. Mice are no fun. I've had the problem before. Good luck getting rid of them!
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Yeah, Humane traps are probably the best way to go.

Mice aren't good for kitties to be eating either, they can carry diseases and all of them carry worms.
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My husband and I had a couple of mice in our condo last fall (both dead, we suspect thanks to our cat Max). We got some plug-in devices that emit some kind of ultrasonic sound that rodents hate. We haven't seen one since, and we suspect that they must work because our upstairs neighbor said she had about a dozen mice in her unit over the course of the winter.

This isn't exactly what we have, but similar:


My husband works at a local Ace Hardware and got ours there.
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