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Hey Hey and more heys

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My name is Ashley. Disregard the whole "flowerchild" thing, i was going through a hippie phase and I dunno if i can change my username >_< Over the years i've become a HUGE cat lover.(i love all animals but i feel more comfortable with cats.) I never had the chance to own a cat until now. yay! I've been around cats for a really long time because i adore strays and i like volunteering at animal shelters. I havent done that since last summer because it broke my heart seeing the same wonderful aniamls spending their holidays in a shelter. I just wish there was more i could do than feed and play with them. It bothered me. So this summer I was lucky enough to almost trip over a ball of fur in my back yard. After spending a month begging and pleading my mom finally said i could keep the kitten. When i first got her, she fit in the palm of my hand(reluctanly i might add) The love of my life is a calico kitten named Kitty, nothing makes me happier than when shes happy. I hated the first time i had to take her to the vet for the first time. She was so scared!! Well I never thought that owning a cat would be so hard and im hoping being a member here and getting expert advice can help me be a great "mom" to this kitten. I know im going on and on, sorry. I tend to do that, so heres pictures of my Kitty

As you can see, im not very good at taking pictures >_< but take my word for its, shes beautiful
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Hi Ashley! Welcome to TCS!

Wow, she is precious!!

I think it is great that you volunteered your time at animal shelters! I couldnt do it for the same reason. It breaks my heart and I would end up taking them all home!!

See you on the boards!
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Welcome to TCS Ashley!

Your kitty is adorable
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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Welcome Ashley and Kitty (very adorable)!
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She is beautiful! I hope we get to see more pics of her as she grows I bet you were so happy when your Mom agreed to let you keep her. Has your Mom taken to her, too?

I am one of the forum Mentor/Mods and we are here to help you with your questions. If you need anything, please click on my user name and send a private message. Welcome!
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity and I welcome you and beautiful Kitty to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Your username is lovely, nothing wrong with a Hippy phase! You've certainly come to the right place to be with fellow kitty lovers and learn more about the best care of your baby! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Hi Ashley! Welcome to TCS! You will love it here!!!
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Welcome to TCS!! I hope you enjoy the board! And you have definitely come to the right place for questions and help with your new furkid!!
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Hi there Ashley - we're so happy to welcome you and Kitty to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

She is such a beautiful girl, you're obviously doing a fantastic job as her Mommy. I can't wait to see more pictures of her.
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Hello!! It's nice to meet you!!!
Kitty is adorable!!!

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Welcome! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio & surrogate mum to a year old shepard mix girl Freesia
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