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well I think it's time you come see the east coast of the States! It's not as long as a flight. 6 hours max.

Cheddar is my favorite cheese as well. Although I tend to prefer blue cheese on my spinach or mixed green salads.

The portions over here are HUGE! That's not a good thing either because it encourages overeating and contributes to the weight problem this country has. And that's a huge selling point of most places, large portions, more bang for your buck.
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It's true! I can easily leave a restaurant full, with a doggy bag holding enough food for my kid and I for lunch the next day.
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Yeah, it's amazing how many resturants as well as fast food places are over here! Not to mention our grocery stores could accomodate a small city! haha! Then the American public craves to be thin! Quite difficult when someone is playing the devil's advocate...but then again, no one's holding a gun to anyone's head either.

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i like ceaser dressing most, or creamy cucumber...

i'm not big on salads though, usually i just cut cucumbers, chopped pieces of cheddar cheese,
some feta cheese, a lil tomota and some green peppers or something like that and add my ceaser dressing !

voila, a salad without the salad.

then again... there's nothing like chicken ceaser salad...
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Doesn't have to have lettuce to be a salad, look at cole slaw or chicken salad . . .
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well, duh ! :eye&mouth

egg salad, potatoe salad...
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Lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, black olives, sweet cherry peppers, bell peppers, salami, turkey, mozarella cheese, parmesan cheese, anchovies, fat-free italian dressing.

Salad bar-type salad:

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, black olives, mushrooms, bell peppers, beets, cheddar cheese, chopped egg, ham, turkey or chicken, bacon bits, cracked pepper, italian or catalina dressing, fat free.
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I forgot about other salads besides lettuce!
I love potato salad, and that salad that has broccoli,califlower,and radishes covered in ranch dressing.
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Mmmm, that sounds good Debby I usually just make my potato salad with Potatoes (of course ), some sliced bolied eggs, fresh peas and carrots (in little pieces) and some Light mayo. Sprinkle a little Paprika on top and eat it with Barbequed steaks in the summer I can't wait for warmer weather so I can haul out the 'bug tent' the Barbeque and hit the beach...
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Red potato salad is my favorite. There's just something about red potatos that I prefer.

My grandmother used to make a great broccoli salad. It had broccoli, califlower, mayo, shredded cheddar cheese and some spices. I need to get that recipe from her.
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Hey if you get the recipe, please share it... that sounds delicious!
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Ooooh, yeah, if we're not talking about lettuce salads, then it would be a tie for potato salad (potatoes, dills pickles, boiled eggs, onions and mayonnaise) and macaroni salad (macaroni, boiled eggs, green olives, onions, sharp cheddar cheese and mayonnaise).
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Cooie....that exactly what I put in my potato salad, too...except I also add a little mustard...and once in awhile I will mash the potatoes instead of chopping makes a creamy potato salad, that is really good! I use less mayo though, if I do it that it isn't quite so gooey.
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All of this salad talk is making me really hungry! I think that I am going to go and get a taco salad for lunch or a regular salad.
Things I like on my salad...lettuce(of course), tomatos, hard boiled eggs, cheddar cheese, cucumbers, bacon bits, and thinly sliced ham and turkey and ranch dressing! Oohhh...that sounds SO good! I wish that I could go to lunch right now!
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I hate salads. I'm more of a fruit person.
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I forgot about taco salads...I love those too! you like fruit salads? I sometimes like a good fruit salad, like the one I make with blueberries, pineapple, & grape jello, with a cream cheese topping.
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I don't have fruit salads often, but they are good. I've never had one with creamcheese or any other topping on it. Is it good with toppings?
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Do you put the fruit in the jello and then let it set? When I make fruit salad I just chop up lots of melon, strawberries, kiwi and grapes and eat it like that. Oh..this is making me think of watermelon..I can't wait until summer so I can eat tons of watermelon!!!!
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I mix the blueberry pie filling and the pineapple in with the grape jello first and let it set. Then I spread the top with a mixture of cream cheese, sour cream, sugar and vanilla. It is deicious!
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I like fruit and I like jello, but I don't usually like fruit IN jello. Still, the topping sounds interesting.
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Oh! That sounds soooo good! Sounds like a great dessert to bring to a family barbeque or something..Hey, Debby...if you have an actual recipe for that could you PM it to me? I'd love to try it :rainbow:
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Sure...I'll go get it, and PM it to ya...hang on...
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Yay! Thanks Debby :rainbow:
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