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Confused (funny rant)

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For my birthday, my folks sent me a check for $25.
I decided to buy a coffee maker with it, a nice, '4 cup' Mr. Coffee automated.

Has standard measuring changed without my knowing?
Last I checked, 1 cup = 8fl oz.
Standard sized coffee mug = 8fl oz.

Mr. Coffee '4 cup' coffee maker makes 4 6fl oz. cups, or 3 standard cups.

Why is that?
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Because in the wonderful world of retail they just wanna get everything for their buck and all of a sudden hard and fast rules of the universe can change when it means gleaning the extra dollar!!! Lol....
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I bought the same coffee pot, and it has 4cups marked on the pot, and i use an 8oz coffee mug and only get 2 1/2 cups out of it...
Next time, I am buying the big one.
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LOL! I've never double checked that kinda stuff!
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:P making room for 2 ounces of Milk, lol
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That's why I replaced by "4 cup" with a bigger one even though I'm the only one who drinks coffee. I should check how many "cups" my 12 cup maker actually makes!!
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It is because the standard coffee or tea cup in a china set is small, only 6 oz or so but most everybody uses mugs in the US which are like 12 oz or bigger.
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