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Kitten Question about Vet and Shots

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Ive been debating with myself about what to do and I figured Id ask here and see what the "experts" think.
We get our kitten this weekend but her appt with the low cost spade/neuter clinic is not until October 17. At the clinic they will check her over give her shots and fix her......now my question is?? Is that too long to wait to take her to the vet after we get her? The lady who has her now has not taken her to the vet at all but she told me she would be Ok until I take her on the 17th. What do you all think?
Did I mention how absolutely EXCITED we are to be bringing her home this weekend.
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Personally, I'd want to get her in ASAP, but unless she's got some obvious issues, she 'should' be ok until the 17th.
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Thanks.....I guess thats why Im so undecided....I know she probablly "should" be Ok but ya know......**sigh**The other problem is finding a "vet". The clinic I know has vets that come in but that would not be our "vet" I took our dog to a vet near here but they were rude and I just didnt care for their bedside manner with Daisy, our beagle. She has not had to go back because I take her to PetSmart for her shots and meds, but we need to seriously get busy with a vet. I do have a phone vet that I use and they are AWESOME. They give advice over the phone without you have to come in, but the downside is they are the most expensive around.......Still I might give them a jingle.
Thanks again
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If it were me I would take her before Oct. 17. If she has not been to the vet at all as the lady you got her from claims, then she probably needs to be de-wormed as well. Any cat I've ever gotten has been vet checked within 3 days of them coming to me to ensure they were healthy and had no serious issues.
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For Deworming........they just check the stool for that right? And then if they find worms they what?? Give them something by mouth?
That has been one of my concerns.....that and ear mites, although her ears are very clean and clear right now.
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yup, they just check stool for worms. If they have them, there's oral meds that they are given. As far as I've read, many kittens are born with worms, and it sounds like this one hasn't treated for them.
If her ears are very clean right now I personally wouldn't worry about the mites. The clinic doesn't require any shots before spaying? Mine does, but then it's not a clinic, it's a vets office.
Hope she's healthy and happy.
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Thanks Jess. Why are they born with worms?? Does anyone know? Seems odd but Im defiently having them check that out.....yick.
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When i got both of my two as kittens, my surgery gave me an appointment the same week i got them because they like to check them over to make sure their in good health.

So yes i would take them to get checked over first
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Momma cat passes worms to her babies usually.
And fleas also pass them.
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