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Funny Pics!!

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Spyder was actually sleeping in this position for quite a while!

I was taking a close up of Chuckie but he yawned at just the wrong time!

Please add your funny pics if you have any!!
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Pan fried kitty
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
Pan fried kitty
This could win a contest!!!
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Now this is one bad kitty she's really very sweet and such a needy girl to

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Joji finds it funny!
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Originally Posted by stormy
Spyder was actually sleeping in this position for quite a while!
That seems like it would be killing his back.

Cute pictures!!
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Zeus is going to hate me for this but here are his funny pics :

my friend got some dog costumes for her dog and we just had to try them on Zeus for a laugh.

and his fav the cheerleader lol
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I'll look through mine to see what I have.
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These are all of Nacho, doing what he does best. =D

Youu can't find meeeeee!

Gordito after I cleaned the litterbox out
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Here are some of Reilly being his silly self

and "please meowmy no more pictures!"

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Awww!! I love the second picture of Riley!

I love that name.. always have. Don't know why. I just do..
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These are so funny!
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Here's Poodle sniffin' the toilet...

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Heres Rosie

And Sophie

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Here's Max finding a warm spot to sleep

And looking through the bin to make sure I've not thrown out anything interesting

And finally enjoying his favourite pastime of climbing anything hung on a door

Alfie's a saint in comparison
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Lunch Anyone?
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@ Max swinging from the door
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Uhm, no Daddy, we're not plotting anything! how silly!

Mommy, say "Arrr, Matey!" I'm pretending I'm a Parrot!


Paige:Uh oh! Gibby:What? Paige: We've been caught!

Proof that anything inside a box is so much more interesting.

Gibby headbanging. He's such a rock Star

Groom me momma!
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Frog Legs

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I fit in here, don't try to tell me I don't!!!

Fun with the laser pointer!

I'll fix the dvd player Mom!

I think I zoomed a little too close on this one!
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So many hysterical pics!! They're all great!!
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Great pictures everyone!!!!
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