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Photo Editor

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I want to learn how to use the Microsoft Photo Editor. I will find a graphic or picture from the web or I copied Rascal's pictures that Catarina posted for me and when I went to the Editor it says "No file or format found in the Registry" What is that?

Then I go to retrieve the picture from either Drive A where I saved the pictures to a disk, it says file not found! It's very frustrating? Any help? How do you use this program?
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Nena, I am not familiar with this editor. I have software that came with my digital camera called "photomax" that I use. Do you have anything like that that would work?? Sorry I am not any help!
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Are you saving the picture as a jpeg or gif file?
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When you go to save a pic from the web, click right on the pic and then click on "Save As"...you'll see a pop up box that's going to say "Save in"....there will be a pull down arrow to the right of the directory, Click left on that and follow your mouse to where you want the file to be saved in (like on Drive A if you want it on your floppy disk) I'm sure the pic will either be a jpeg. or gif. you can even have a .bmp file, but unless you have a converter to change it from one format to another, I'd stick with .jpgs or .gifs

If your registry is not showing that you have Microsoft Editor, than in all probability, you may not have the program; however it can be listed on your menu and your directory. You must have it on your Registry in order for it to work.

Let me know how you're making out. If you don't have a photo editor, go to CNET.com and download one. You'll find many shareware or FREEWARE programs available to you.

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Catarina, you are so smart!!!!!!!!!!
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HAHAHAAHA! I just made all that up! hahaha!
heeeheee J/K!!

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