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Dumb ?

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Ok. I recently had to stop feeding the ferals because I got a family of 8 skunks hanging out on my porch. Is there anything I can do to just feed the cats???
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When the skunks started showing up on my porch, I added raised platforms (3 levels from about 2 feet tall to 6 feet tall) and fed the cats up higher. The possums can crawl up there, but I've yet to see a skunk up there.

The platforms sort of stair step higher and higher. I added a soft bed to one of the levels and my Lucky boy likes to sleep there now.
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Oh but the skunks were sooo cute! There were little babies and everything! Ok, I know that's not a good thing....lol But I seriously want a skunk someday! I hear they are just like cats!!!
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Is there any smell skunks dont like that cats do, to deter the skunks? By me I have an opossum but just one doesnt eat much cat food, just leftovers.
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