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Need Help Quickly!

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Hello we have a 10 week old kitten and we have absolutely fallen in love with him. He is our new baby and we have noticed the past few days a lump on top of his head which we can tell is growing, it doesn't look red and is not warm and has hair growing on it. You can't see it at all, just feel it. He was running the other day playing and hit his head on the door, I was wondering if that could be it. Anyway, he has a vet appt. this Friday for his shots but should I take him tomorrow? What could this be? I am very upset thinking it could be serious. Am I overreacting? Any and all advice or info will be appreciated! Oh and it doesn't seem to be painful and it moves some but feels hard to the touch. Again, respond asap so I will know if I should take him tomorrow or not.

Thanks Again!
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I'm no expert, but it sounds as though it could be from him bumping the door. I would keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get worse and ask the vet to look at it on Friday. Naturally if it gets hot or seems to be worse I would take him sooner.
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