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For my flea problem,I used acclaim spray for inside and it did not work,so I called environmental health who said that they can not do it until next week,well I didnt want to leave it that long so I thought I would have another go

This time I got two bottles off spray called staykil that are twice as big as the acclaim,I used one and a half bottles,done all the floor boards,round the edges of my flooring,under everything,even in places it said you do not really need to do,it said to not spray it on human bedding but if I'm sitting on the couch that was sprayed what matters if I sleep on it? I put a clean sheet on and aired the bedrooms,should it be OK?

Since doing it 10 hours ago,I have had 2 live fleas,and I just saw what I think was a half dead one,when I touched it it did not jump far,it crawled away and I was touching it for a while before I killed it,I guess it was dying because if not it would have jumped like the others do when I try to squeeze them

So so far it seems to be working,we will see what happens tomorrow

After I spent £30 doing it the environmental health called to tell me they could fit me in Wednesdays for £10 so it was not needed after all,I'm still getting them to come round though

So if you got a flea problem in your home try staykil.

Will I die or something sleeping on my sprayed mattress with a sheet?