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KMR ... and steps

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My kittens, Chaos and Mischief, are doing pretty good in my opinion.
I havent taken them to the vet yet but they are like so small and can do so many things.
They are about 6-8 inches in lengh (not including tail) and can leap and sprint short distances, they play with paper balls and with each other, they know how to use the litter box and they can climb out of a 1 foot tall parcel box.

The thing is im feeding them KMR out of a bottle 3 times a day, but I dont think they're getting enough.
8 in the morning before high school, 4PM after school, and then like 9 or 10 before bedtime.
They are my first pets ever, and I'm 15.
Basically the only reason they are still in my apartment is because I want them.
My mom doesn't really want kittens and all that, but I like them and hope they're healthy aswell (they look healthy, except for occasional itching with their paws but if they have lice or fleas I can get that fixed when I go to the vet).
So yea, theyre little engines and Its running as much as buying a gallon of gasoline a day.
Should I switch to KMR 2nd step? They wont eat solid food even if I moisten it with water. (Max Kitten food)
They're most likely 4-6 weeks?
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They don't really need the KMR in a bottle anymore... You should leave out dry kitten food and water all day. I would feed the some canned kitten food to some times. You can add Kmr to that!
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Ok, yes, but they will not eat it.
Is there special kitten food thats not too hard that they could actually ingest?
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Canned, pate-style (really mushy) kitten food is best for them right now. Introduce it in a small saucer-shaped dish (bowls with high sides don't seem to work well in my house) and if necessary, mix in a little warm water to make it soupy. IMO, they don't need the KMR anymore at all, but if that is what they are used to then by all means, don't stop giving it to them. If they are already using the litter by themselves, then solid foods should be next - we like the Nutro canned mushy kitten stuff around here.

They will walk in it, they will get it everywhere, and they mostly won't get the idea it is something to eat until they begin to lick it off of themselves - let them, even if it does make a big mess. Just let it happen.

Best of luck,

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I tried KMR second step.

They eat like piggies! With their feet in the food and all.
And then one of them stepped on a poopie in the litterbox, that was fun cleaning off...
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Oh, how CUTE kittens are!! I know that bottle-feeding is a hassle, but in addition to dish feeding, I would still offer them the bottle, so that they get all the suckling that they need. For me, it seems to prevent the suckling on blankets, hair, ears, etc. later on, that can be so annoying in a grown cat. Have fun with your little ones - you are doing a great job and are gaining more life skills than you prob. imagine, including reading body language, developing feeding techniques, learnning about animal behavior & nutrition; assessing growth & development, etc (not to mention cleaning skills ) Bless you for caring for these kitties!
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Yeah, you should see their faces.
They look so innocent but are such little devils.
Actually, I think they're pretty damn smart.
I was gone almost the whole day in school and when I came back I saw them back in the box sleeping (they climbed out in the morning and must have climbed back in when they got tired) and my mom told me they used the littler box all on their own and climbed back out.
They're starting to run faster too and are developing leapnig abilites.
I got KMR 2nd step yesterday and I will mix it now with the KMR milk.

My friend said they should eat wet canned food, do you think its a good idea?
I have Max Kitten food and it says on teh back 6 months to adult.
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I started feeding the 5 week old kittens Nutro Max Cat wet food and the next day I saw puddle like spots on the carpet and a little in their bed. Apparently they threw it up.
Any idea why? Was it too cold for them to digest or are they not ready? They seem to eat it perfectly fine though. Should I just stick with KMR step 2 for two more weeks?
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i would mositen the kitten with kmr for two weeks
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Yeah, I figured I just gave too much and their intestines probably arent strong enough to digest the food, so they throw some of it up and the rest gets digsted.
Im gonna stick with Step 2 KMR for 2 more weeks.
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