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The old farts

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Here's Whiskers with baby Trouble (Whisk is my Fiance's RB Seal point applehead male)

This is Spaz, my 11 year old NFC

Shadow, my fiance's 'whiney cat'

And my 90 pound dog after he stuffed himself into a deskchair, because he hates being left out.
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Awwwww Spaz looks a big fluffy fur ball. And the dog looks well settled on the seat as well
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Awww... They aren't old!!!
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Awww. They're beautiful. The dog in the chair is pretty funny too.
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It was funny watching him climb into that chair, it kept swivelling around on him, but he's a hard headed dog, and kept at it until he was in the chair.
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They are all cute!
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Very beautiful!
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Shadow, my fiance's 'whiney cat' looks like one of my cats except his name is Whiney cause he whines when he is held.

The rest of them are cute too even the dog, they do the craziest things just to get attention don't they.
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I love Bear to bits, but half of my pics get ruined because he shoves his nose in the camera at the last minute

Shadow really has the most grating, whiney voice I have ever heard (short of a spoiled child), doesn't matter if he is happy, angry, lovey, whatever, he has the worst voice.
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awwww, so cute!

and the dog is adorable!
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Aww! Lots of cuties!! Great pictures!
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