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We just had a major breakthrough.

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Not only did he eat his tablespoon of wet, but he pretty much polished off Lola's plate of wet (she was not thrilled) AND he meowed at me for more and THEN he licked THAT plate clean as well!

Evanger's is my new hero. So is the lady at the pet boutique who guaranteed me she could get any picky cat to eat Evanger's. I feel as though she is my magical wet food fairy.

Now, my food bill is going to go up a bit, but I COULD HARDLY CARE LESS!!! I am just SO HAPPY the my babies are eating a healthier diet!!

Here's how I did it. Leo normally eats cooked chicken. So, I mixed a little teensy bit of wet food in with his chicken, just to work the smell into his diet. He ate the piece of chicken. Meanwhile, I had a plate of wet food sitting right next to me, 80% wet, with a little bit of chicken in it. So, I held out his cooked chicken in my hand right above the wet food. Then, I 'accidentally' dropped a piece of chicken in the wet. And I mashed it around a little bit. Then, I took it out with my fingers and fed it to him, and he licked it all off! He tends to trust food a lot more if I feed him out of my hand...switching food usually involves this with him. So, I got up, and he ate what was on the plate! Then he moved on to Lola's, who had been distracted by Ian's raquetball rolling around. She was a little confused when she finally focused on her lunch plate and there was nothing on it, but...needless to say, she got fed. But, Leo clamored for more and ate a whole tablespoon of wet with absolutely NO CHICKEN in it.

Lola's food had her growth and vitamin supplement in it...all natural and holistic, but I had to chuckle over what would happen if my hulking 14 pound Leo grew anymore...hehe!

They're both eating Evanger's Holistic Pheasant Dinner for those of you with picky eaters. Leo has absolutely been the hardest cat in the world to feed. His dry is Cal Natural which he switched to fairly easily, considering, so that's another choice for picky cats.
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Go Leo Go! Chow time!!
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