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Todays radio question: 09/19/05

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Did you have a bedtime as a child?
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To be completely honest, I don't have very many memories from my childhood. However, I can recall complaining that my sister got to stay up later than I (she's older by 2 1/2 years), so I must have had a bedtime. I can say that my stepson most certainly has one that is very strictly enforced!
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Yes... And it was too early!
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Yup, I don't remember what time it was. I know when I was little I used to complain during the summer bc I had to go to bed and the sun was still up (so maybe 7:30?). It got later as I got older, thank goodness.
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yes! Don't remember how early it was, but my 8th grade an dup years was 10 pm...had to be up about 5:30 , so was a good thing!
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Not always Mom or Dad tell my fairy tales to sleep.......I think was least of time for they but i´m happy of boths..
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Yup, until I was about 13
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Yeah I did. I don't remember what time but I know we had a ritual. Brush yer teeth, get yer clothes ready, lights out at a certain time, get yer butt to sleep kid or else.

I *still* have a strict bedtime on weeknights! Me & my girl and aaaaaallll the kitties just KNOW momma hits the sheets at 9:00pm or else.

Well except for Tuesday nights cuz momma stays up & watches Nip / Tuck. Hah!
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I believe it was 9pm
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Sure did. I remember it being 7:30 at some point, but it got later when I got older. It got lifted when I was in high school but by that time I was mature enough to go to bed early enough to get enough sleep anyway.
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I had a supposed bedtime, but my sleeping when I was little was just as dysfunctional as it is now.
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Nope!!! Never did even as a young child!
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Depends on who I lived with. When I lived with my grandparents it was 9. When I lived with my dad I didn't have one. When I lived with my mom it was 10 or 11.
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Certainly as a young child and through elementary school, and it got later as I got older, but once in my teens it was more like "shouldn't you be in bed by now, young lady?"
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I remember having one until I was 12, but I can't remember if I did after that. I know at some point it was just when ever I felt like it.
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When I was a little bub, no. I wouldn't sleep and so the doctor told Mum to just let me decide my own hours - worked a treat, too. Was the only way she got any peace.

As I got older, though, I definitely had a bed time. Which to be honest was always fine because bed is my favourite place in the world!!
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Yes I did until middle school it was 9 pm, I believe I would have been around 13 when it was moved out til 10 pm. Now I still try to go to bed between 10 and 11 or I'm no good the next day.

I used to hate it as a child because I always wanted to stay up and watch St Elsewhere, I loved the theme song.
post #18 of 20 was always between 8:30 & 9:00...then when I got into middle school/high school it always became later. I do believe when I was a Senior it was 10:30 on week nights (depending on games and such) and 12:00 on weekends? Oh...and it always depended on my parents moods too...haha
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I don't remember but it was too early
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I don't remember, so probably not. I doubt if Mom would have let me stay up real late, but no regular set bedtime.
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