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Hi there,

I'm new here and I have a question that I would to hear personal experiences and/or informed opinons upon.

I had two Siamese who both died of FIP some years ago. We think they were infected by FIP vaccine. Unfortunately, the latter one did not develop it until well after I brought in two young Siamese kittens. So far it is two and a half years later, and my two guys have not shown any signs of the disease, though they both screen positive for coronavirus antibodies since they were exposed to it.

I just constantly worry that they are carrying the damned bug and it will pop out again someday when I am least expecting it. I had a real scare last week when one of them suddenly developed a high fever and very unspecific symptoms, but thank God he is responding to antibiotics. My vet ran a whole pannel of tests that came back negative except that he was exposed to the virus at some point, which I already knew.

It seems to me I have read somewhere that oriental breeds, Siamese in particular seem to be more susceptible to FIP than many others. Does anyone have any information or experiences they would share with me?

Many thanks!