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Gypsy's final belly rub

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I received word a short while ago that Gypsy has crossed the bridge. She was my lovey cat for about a year and a half, and I then had to rehome her in the fall of last year. She was a very loving girl, loved to cuddle, and certainly loved her belly rubs. I missed her tremendously, but I knew the place that was chosen for her was the absolute best home possible. I knew she would be loved and cared for very well. And she was.

We aren't quite sure what happened to Gypsy. It appears that she may have ingested some sort of toxin, as she became ill several months back. And her illness progressed, despite the very best of efforts. All of the love and medicine could not stop this mysterious illness from growing stronger.

She became increasingly aggressive, and began lashing out at not only the other animals in her home, but also her loving humans. She was losing weight, and even though every single option known was attempted, she continued to grow thinner.

Every effort was made to help Gypsy, but the illness was too strong. The vet was stumped, as all the options had been exhausted, and to no avail.

The most difficult decision of all reared it's ugly head, and those who had taken Gypsy into their home chose to let her have her peace. She was quite obviously in pain, extremely ill, and very aggressive. Although it hurts us beyond explanaition to make that choice, it was the most loving and considerate for her

So here's your final belly rub, baby girl. I miss your silky-soft fur, your quirky personality, you meeting me at the door when I came home, just to roll over and beg for me to rub that furry little belly.

We love you, Gypsy, and miss you more than words can say. To greener grass you go to join your brother and all the others you have played with who have been waiting for you on the other side. Enjoy your peace, baby cat, and I pray to see you again someday

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That's so terribly sad RIP Gypsy
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Rest in peace sweet Gypsy. You were blessed to have so many folks who loved you.
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Bless her heart Thankfully Gypsy is no longer suffering anymore pain, although it doesn't stop you grieving for her

But she's suffering no more and free from all the pain she had and will be there to greet you over Rainbow Bridge.

RIP Gypsy run and play with the other kitties at the bridge
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RIP Gypsy
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I rarely come here because every time I do, I cry. She's no longer suffering. She was well loved and cared for. All her humans did their best. It will be so great someday when you see her again. RIP sweet Gypsy.
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Rest quietly now girl and run free- your torment has ended
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Thank you all for your heartfelt replies. I know, I very rarely venture into the blue room myself, for I always find myself crying buckets, so I commend you all for your brave decision to read this. Your kind words are greatly appreciated

Thank you for the candle, MA
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Condolences on the loss of Gypsy. I am so sorry for your loss, and also for her new family. Rest in peace, Gypsy.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I also had to say goodbye to a beloved furchild without knowing what was wrong with her. I understand. She is looking down on you purring, waiting to meet up with you again someday.

RIP Gypsy
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This is from all of us here at the S-team, Sasha and Saba especially who are sending their vibes to Gypsy, who undoubtedly is in a better place now. As the person who drove the car to her new home and had her sitting on my dash the entire way (!), I truly got to know her, and she was a gem. She is resting comfortably now and will oversee the kitties that she meets along her spiritual way. I know that she'll find her way to my Freddie and SiSi, as I talked to Freddie at his gravesite last night and asked him to watch for her up there. Gypsy was a brave, kind soul and I am happy she's been released. It was the right thing to do and she so deserves this thread. Thank you, Jenn.

Elizabeth, Eric
Sasha, Saba, and Sandy
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I am so sorry about your loss. My thoughts are with you.

RIP Gypsy
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My condolences for the lovely Gypsi....
RIP Little angel..
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RIP sweet gypsy.....
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I'm very sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, sweet Gypsy.
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Thank you everyone for your thoughts. Gypsy was a very loving girl who I'm sure had no problem finding her way over the bridge.

Thank you, Eddie. I was hoping you would find this thread
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Sigh. It's been awhile since I've ventured into the Blue Room, and I'm sad to see familiar names listed here. I remember reading Gypsy's thread, and have enjoyed seeing pictures of her as she settled into her new home (especially the "dashboard picture", she was particularly pretty in that one).

RIP sweet girl. Lots of healing vibes both for her "old" and "new" families!
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You must be so heart broken, Jenn. You loved your little one so much, you made sure Gypsy had the best home possible, and you must have and still do miss her terribly. Eddie, you had such a spiritual connection with precious Gypsy, you must be in such pain over her passing. Beautiful Gypsy, I know you're so happy and healthy now getting all the belly rubs you could ever desire over the Bridge!
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oh Jenn, I have just seen this - I am so very very sorry to hear of the loss of Gyspy. She had been through so very much in her short life I remember well when Gyspy was rehomed and you surely did make the right decision.

I shed tears for you at this time Jenn and to her new owners - it must be just so difficult for you all right now. You are ALL in my thoughts.

oh Gyspy sweetheart - rest in peace darling... no longer in pain but in perfect health and playing at the bridge. You will be deeply missed by so many
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You are right, Danielle, she did encounter quite a bit in her short time. And she is missed by many. Every heart that she touched has a lasting impression of her. I was thinking about posting that pic of her on the dashboard that Kelly mentioned, but it's in an email and I am unsure of how to post it here.

I never did stop missing her even though I couldn't have prayed for a better home. She did go to the very best people I think I may have ever met, and I know that she was very happy there. You're right, Stephanie, Eddie really did have a special connection with her even though they knew each other so briefly. I know that she is grieving her loss, as well.

I am convinced that there are no other people on Earth more compassionate, caring, genuine, and understanding than those who bless the site. I am constantly suprised by the amazing amount of true emotion that is poured out of the hearts of the members of TCS. You are truely amazing and wonderful people, and I have never felt so embraced and supported. When Tank was sick, and after he went to sleep for his last time, I ran for this site, hoping to find people who understood the complete agony I was in. I could hardly understand it myself! But there were (and still are) so many of you who not only accepted the utter confusion and misery I was in, but understood it so completely. I thank you all for this. I don't think I could ever express how grateful I am for you. You stood by me in Tank's passing, and now you stand by me in Gypsy's passing. Although I have never met most of you, you have shown true friendship during a time when it is so desperately needed
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Here she is!

We will always love you, Gypsy girl. Your role is much bigger now to watch over all the others....
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thankyou for posting her dashboard photo E - she sure is gorgeous isnt she

Originally Posted by bossinova
You stood by me in Tank's passing, and now you stand by me in Gypsy's passing. Although I have never met most of you, you have shown true friendship during a time when it is so desperately needed
always here for you no matter what Jenn chin up - you know where to find us if you need
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She sure looks beautiful, doesn't she? When I clicked on the link, it brought me to where I left off, and there was Gypsy girl, staring right at me! It gave me goosebumps. Thank you, Eddie!
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