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bad breath

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One of my kittens has HORRIBLE breath....the other one does not. I give them both the Feline Greenies, but it doesn't seem to help. It's to the point that if they come to give me little head butts by my face I have to turn away when he breathes on me!
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Bad breath can be caused by many things including problems with teeth. uggest highly to have the kitty with the bad breath checked by your Vet!!
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my siamese once had horrible breath. I just thought she was stinky
but after a month I couldn't take it anymore so I took her to the vet.
It turned out she had a tooth problem.

I'ld get her checked out by a vet
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Stinky breath usually means some type of oral problem - a bad tooth, gingivitus, etc. A vet visit is most likely in order here.
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If the kitten is teething, and losing milk teeth (baby teeth), that could also explain the stinky breath.
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Second, I definitely agree with the vet trip idea - bad breath can be as simple as plaque that can be cleaned, but it can also be linked to digestive tract problems, so get the kit there asap!
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Dax had stinky breath briefly when she was teething.
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Moral of the story - don't feed your cats mcD's french fries.. plus.. has anyone seen Supersize me? Scary.

LOL My Zeebs has bad breath. i had her into the vet last year.. severe gihgivitis.. and she had to have a tooth pulled.. which improved the breath situ 100%.. they say if it continues, she'll likely have to have them all pulled.. but apparently that doesn't bother kitties.. they can gum their food.. poor kittie. Can you get kittie dentures i wonder? lol. I have to take poor Zeebs in again soon as her breath is getting bad again.. sigh.. another vet bill!!!!
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Bad Breath can also indicate more serioous problems, such as renal issues. I'd take her to a vet as soon as.
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Please note that this is a G-rated website. Please post accordingly and that means also the links left here for others to read-

Bad breath can be a health issue, or a gum disease or bad tooth. It is advisable if you are feeding quality food to have your vet check out the possibility that it isn't just bad breath.
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