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Anyone With A Sliding Patio Door?

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Just wondered if you could help me! I am moving in 2 weeks, and I need to buy privacy verticals for the patio door, but the landlord can't let me in to measure because the tenants are still there.
I'd like to go to Wal Mart and pick some up today, but I need an idea of size.
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Without measuring its pretty much impossible. We have verticals on our sliding glass door, we have to special order them because of the length. At Home Depot, they have three different sizes in stock, but its impossible to know which you need without measuring...sorry!
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Just hang a queen sized sheet up (using tacks or something) until ya can get to the store to buy Vertical blinds. It won't be up there long and you'll have your privacy!
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Most sliders have either 36 or 30 inch doors.
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If you have kitties, vertical blinds may not be the way to go. I learned that in my last apartment when Cody use to go back and forth lookinf outside...click, click, click...they were a loud mess and expensive to fix when she broke one!

For my new house, I put a double curtain rod up, got white see-through curtain panels for the inside and then washable velvet green curtains from Target for the outside...similiar to Pottery Barn but a 1/4 of the cost!


Good luck!
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I would also just hang a sheet until you can get a proper measurement.

We also have verticals but we ordered them with the wand versus the chain and string pulls. We worried the chain but more importantly the string could get around the kitties head or neck if they were playing with the string and choke them.

The wand for opening and closing is much nicer anyway IMO. Also when you do the measuring be sure you indicate if you want left hand or right hand draw - very important and depends on which door you will be using.
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We have those vertical blinds on our patio door at our apartment. I dont like them much but we can't take them down (darn!) They always make so much noise!

But the other day I had them closed and Harley came running thru the living room full speed and ran right into the window...poor little guy, I hate to laugh but it scared the crap out of me, and him probably too! From now on, I try to keep the shades open...that way he can maybe not run into the window again!
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Yeah make sure you get a proper measurement. We had a Ranch slider in our lounge and we have curtains, blinds are such a hassle!
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The estimating software I use lists 3 sizes: 5' x 6'8", 6' x 6'8", and 8' x 6'8".
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