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Need help / advice...

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Yesterday wasn't my most brilliant day. To refresh all I have Lacey who is feral (but surprisingly lovable - most likely discarded and became feral) who gave birth to 7 babies on August 31st. 2 of the 7 survived.

Lacey is very good unlike the other feral I am trying to domesticate in my garage. When I am out there with them she will come out of her crate and pen area and rub up against me, make bisquits and hang out. She will then go back into her pen when I go inside or when the babies cry for her. Last night I didn't latch the crate and she had moved them during the night. She's moved them behind a dresser with tools. It's behind a bunch of stuff. There isn't cork board or anything on the walls that covers nails that are in the walls.

It kills me that I am at work now and that she has chosen to move them to an area I do not deem safe for kittens who still wobble.

Before I left I did up her crate with fresh linens and stuff. Her food, litter, water and stuff are all in the penned portion of her crate. So I at least know she will be going into it to do those things. Is it too much to wish for that she will move them back into the box?

Otherwise what do I do? Do we move around the garage tonight to make another area safe as well? Will this scare and tick (just in case) her off?

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Although it is always advisable not to touch or move kittens when dealing with a semi-feral, in this case, it is more important that the kittens are safe. If there are nails, tools and other dangerous things and especially because you have another feral in the garage, they need to be moved. Move them back into the crate, make sure you have some tempting food there as well to get Mom to come to the kittens or gently place her in there yourself. Once she goes in there, make sure the crate is closed tightly so she can't move them again.
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Thanks. Got her back in last night. Was far easier than I though! Got home went in there and started talking to other feral in other crate and lo and behold at the sound of my voice and the smell of food... out comes Lacey. I petted her let her rub up against me, then grabbed her and put her in crate locking her in. She immediately goes to the back and into the box.

Then we move around the stuff blocking the kittens and I grab them each in a hand each pressed to my body and walk them over to the pen. Mom wasn't very upset and all is well on that front.

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Excellent news Stacy.
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