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Oh dear... please help...

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... my Persian, Olga, has fleas. I don't know where on earth they came from. I treated her with frontline spot on last month, she's an indoor cat, no-one with pets has visited my house. Yesterday I found a couple on her so I rushed straight out and bought some flea spot on stuff from the pet shop (it was sunday so i couldn't get the vet stuff) and did the house with powder. I just gave her a bath and some dead fleas were in the water so I thought they had gone but i was just cuddling her and I saw one on her head! I'm on the verge of tears. What can I do?

Eleanor. xxx
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Do you have a lawn? My lawn would get them or I've had neighbors who had dogs and didn't treat them and the flea's would make it into my house. They can come from anywhere. Just vaccum as often as possible and let the frontline take care of your cat. I use my flea protection year round just to be safe. Best of luck. Hope
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Thank-you for your reply. No I don't have a lawn, I live on the top floor of a block of flats. I used the frontline a month ago and I had to use a pet shop brand spot on treatment yesterday as it was Sunday and the vet wasn't open. But she still has the fleas. If they don't die with that treatment does it mean I can't treat her again for a while? I'm worried that the fleas will be really bad by then.
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I have 2 Persians also...I know it is very difficult to even get to their skin...their hair seems to have hair

I've treated my other cats & kittens (shorthair) with a flea comb & some Dawn. Dipping the flea comb into warm soapy water (dawn) brush through the hair of your Persian. Keep dipping the comb into the sudsy water. The Dawn should kill the fleas. I have been using Advantage for about 1-year now with success. I then put a drop of Advantage by the shouldblade/back of neck area...this should kill any eggs. Hope this helps...trust me when I say I understand how hard it is with Persians...so much hair.
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Ha ha, it is very hard, and she's only 5 months so she's a reallittle wriggler. I live in the UK and I have never seen a brand of washing up liquid called dawn although I have heard of people using it. Is it just normal washing up liquid or does it need to have some special ingredients? I also treated her yesterday with a spot on treatment. How long should I wait before using the frontline? Thanks so much for the advice. xxx
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Dawn, Palmolive...any mild antibacterial soap should do the job.

Can't answer you on how long to wait for using Frontline. Since you just gave her spot treatment yesterday, why not wait & see if it got rid of those nasty buggers.
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YOu need to be very careful using the over the counter stuff for your cat. I understand some of it has had some very bad reactions for cats.
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NEVER use 'Hartz' flea products of any kind!!!!!!!!! Hartz is an over the counter product and has been proven to kill cats and dogs!
I have used 'Advantage' flea drops only sold by a vet for years with great results!
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Don't forget that most of your spot-on type treatments can only kill adult fleas, so for awhile you're going to have eggs hatching into adults that will be killed by your treatment. You're also going to have to vacuum your place pretty thoroughly to get rid of any eggs. There's some good advice in other threads on this forum. Best of luck, fleas are nasty nasty things!
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Over the counter pet shop brand of flea meds can kill, poison, or cause severe hair loss and damage to your cat! Especially Hartz brand! Never use them, only get it from your vet. If you see one on the cat, there are more and they are probably in your house in the carpet and stuff so it wouldn't have hurt to wait another day til the vet opened to get REAL flea meds. hopefully your cat is okay.
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