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Cat's health turnaround...

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So I posted awhile ago about having to put my cat to sleep.

But in the end, I couldn't do it. I took her to another vet to have another opinion, and he chalked it up to nothing more than allergies. I really disputed this, but he gave me a prescription for antibiotics for her, and said to come back in a couple of weeks.

Long story short, I couldn't afford the antibiotics, but could afford the shampoo for her skin condition. I took her home, gave her a bath, and started feeding her wet food instead of dry, and have seen a complete change in her behavior.

The first time I bathed her, she was so weak she just sat there. Mewed once or twice and stared at me, but really just laid in my lap the entire time.

I gave her a bath yesterday, and she scratched me up like no tomorrow. She lives with my mother, and she says that she has been eating regularly (just the wet food now), using her litterbox regularly, and up to her usual antics. I was with her all day Friday, and saw no sign of her previous discomfort. Her hair is beginning to fill out again.

Any idea what would cause a transformation as complete as this? The only thing I did was switch her food and bathe her. I took her into the vet again yesterday, and he said that there wasn't anything wrong with her. But she was so sick before. I just don't want to be ignoring any signs if I'm missing them.

Also, on a different topic, I'm moving from California to Indiana in two weeks. Any tips on how to make the long drive more comfortable for Gabby?
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Allergies can cause havoc with humans and animals alike - I am sooooo glad you gave her a second chance by seeing another VET!
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I'm so glad you got a second opinion. I can't help you with the cause of the transformation but I can offer you some advice on moving day.
  • If she doesn't have a tag, get her one.
  • On the day she you are planning to move, leave her in a room where no one will go in (maybe a bathroom?) and leave a big sign on the door that says "don't enter/cat inside" to avoid people opening the door. There will be alot of people moving boxes and stuff in your home and she might get scared, so its best if she stays in a quiet room with a litter box, water and food.
  • you have to take her in a carrier. If you're travelling for long hours you need to stop to give her food and water.
  • If I were you I would buy your cats favorite food for her trip just to make its a little less stresfull. Sort of like a treat because its going to be stresfull for her.
  • if your cat is a nervous one, I'ld talk to a vet about the possibility of medication for her. Tell your vet you are moving so he can offer you as many tips and advice possible. If she gets medicated I think she CAN'T eat, ask the vet about that.
  • every once in a while check on her.

thats all I have.. I don't live in the states so I wouldn't know how far is california from Indiana. If its to far and you have to spend the night in a hotel you have to consider other things too.

good luck
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Perhaps she was having a reaction to some ingredient in the food??
My sister came to visit in May and brought her 15 yr old cat from VA to WI. Ashley had his blanket on the floor of the truck and she had a makeshift litter box and water.food.
He came through with flying colors-no problem!!
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