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Anyone wanna play "psychic" ?

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Long story short, I am fostering a momma cat. We obviously have no idea of when she mated so I'm trying to play "psychic" to see when she'll have the kittens. My daughter and I have bets going too !

Anyone wanna add their psychic abilities to mine and guess when she's due ?

Here's what I taken down as notes since we got her

Aug 25th: first day with us, belly is a little large, nipples are large too, more whitish than pink.
Aug 29th: Threw up and didn't eat for 4 days. Vet was useless and couldn't tell me anything
Sept 1st: Got her appetite back (after some good vibes from this board) and is back to stuffing herself
Sept 3rd: more widening of belly
Sept 5th: nipples seem fuller (as opposed to flat)
Sept 7th: Feel babies moves
Sept 10th: see kittens moving through fur
Sept 15th: Can squeeze tiny drop of milk from middle nipples

Today I took her rectal temp and it was 99.5 (the ear thermometer said the same thing). Her vulva may seem a little swollen, not really sure, might be wishfull thinking She has no decrease in appetite (eats like a horse), no discharge, no acting weird. Just seems normal today.

So all bets are on ! Get out your crystal ball and see if you can predict the kitties birthday !

Thanks for playing !
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Monday the 26th is my guess!
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OK, I'm going with Tuesday the 27th!
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I'm going to say wednesday...the 21st (I'm an optimist, lol)
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Oh pooh! I meant tomorrow the 20th. What a dolt. Can I change mine? I thought it was the 26th today. Duh!
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My very fisrt original guess when we first got her was Oct 3rd - I assumed a Aug 1st mating day. But then I felt the babies move on what would have been week 5 which was way too early so I revised my guess to Sept 26th (moved it up by a week). Then a few days ago I was able to express milk from her nipple (on the 15th) which really threw me of ! I asked the question here and was answered "within 2-3 days" which was yesterday... So now I have no clue !!

My guess is friday of this week - Sept 23rd. I am going out of town this weekend and then work 12 hour shift monday and tuesday so I REALLY hope she has them before then ! <fingers crossed> I SOOOO want to be there !

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