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Primetime Emmys

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Did anyone watch the Primetime Emmys last night? What'd y'all think of the results?

I'm such a big Ellen DeGeneres fan, so I watched the first 2 hours.
I thought seeing The Donald and Megan Mulalley sing "Green Acres" was hilarious!

I was sort of disappointed in the awards given out. I was hoping Halle would take the award for "Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie" for "Beloved" because 1)it was a good movie and 2)Halle is a HUGE cat lover .

I was also upset that Hugh Laurie and Marishka Hargitay did not win the awards as leads in Dramas because they are 2 of the most talented actors on TV. I'm going to go pout now .
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I didn't watch, but was just reading who the winners are and I am surprised by a few of them!
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I didn't watch it, but I saw a clip this morning and was amazed to see that William H Macy is married to a Desperate Housewife! You learn something new every day!
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I watched the whole thing & I was really disappointed the Hugh Laurie didn't win, too. At least House won for best writing and hopefully next year they'll get more nominations. It was nice to see it not be a 3 hour long tribute to HBO like it's been in recent years!!

Purity - William H. Macy is married to Felicity Huffman aka Lynette.
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I love Ellen as the host! She's so funny yet was very sensitive about the whole Katrina disaster.

milopixie- Yes, House winning for best writing was VEEEEEERY well-deserved!

Was anyone else happy to see that "Lost" won for outstanding drama?
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Very glad that Lost won, it means they'll keep sending it over here

Milopixie - that was the one, couldn't remember her name! Thank you
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I watched them all last night, and recorded it for my mum. Very Happy about Lost. That is my most awesomest favorite show right now.
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I didn't get a chance to watch alot of it, but I did see the woman who plays the mom on Everybody Loves Raymond win.
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And the season premiere is Wednesday-TWO HOURS!!! Come on onver and watch it with me.........
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