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Beautiful Babies!!! Thank you for sharing them with us!!! Mom looks happy too!
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She is in heaven. I can't believe how much she loves those babies. I will post pictures of her with them tomorrow.
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Aww.. Congratulations! I am so in love with Grey cats, I think they look so mysterious! Sorry to hear about baby number two, but thankful all the rest are doing good!

Peace to you,


PS. My very first and only cat until Cleo was a white boy named Jeff, I was about 7 years old and loved that cat with everything I had. There is just something special about white cats don't you think?
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I think that they must be shipped to Colorado right away! For MY health!
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awww so cute Thanks for sharing
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They are adorable and it's great to hear Tiara is a good mommy.
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Beautiful babies. Don't you just love their little 'wingnut' ears at this stage?
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very cute!! glad to hear everything is going good! For Tiara!!
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Couple more pictures for out I'm camera happy!

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I believe we have two girls and a boy kitten. On the grey and one of the cream/white ones you can see little bumps on the belly(nipples?) the other has none. I'm trying to get my hubby to let me keep two of I would try for all three but I don't want to push my luck. I'm keeping the grey, which I've named Toby (I know it's a boy's name but I think it's a cute kitty name)
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I've known a couple of girls name Tobi, so you can still keep the name.
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ooooooooooo I love Kits...OMG......yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
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Congrats!! You're a grandmomma! It's exciting isn't it?? Keep them safe and enjoy the madness they'll bring into your life later on when they're old enough

The babies and their momma look so adorable
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Congratulations! They're so adorable!

Good luck with keeping the ones you want! Maybe your hubby will want the 3 one while you want the other 2 !
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Oh my! What precious babies! They lok to be some good sized newborns.
Those tiny pink feet are just toooo cute. My fingers feel "itchy" to touch them!
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LOL. I know what you mean to touch them. I have to maul them every time I go into my bedroom!
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Male cats have nipples too, you know. *grin*
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Yeah I read that earlier today. SO I will just have to wait for a bit til I can sex the babies to know for sure. Either way, my grey's name is Toby. One of the cream/white babies is going to my daughter's boyfriend. I'm still trying to talk my husband into letting me keep the other one..I WILL
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