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Hi! Missed you all!!! :o)

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Well...I haven't been on any boards, as my husband was in Cleveland Clinic for a month, with a terrible, massive kidney infection. I stayed with him, while he was in there. He got home, and I thought WHEW!!! Then, he got another kidney infection (and I suspect, it is the SAME one, that the germs were just suppressed ) He is now on another antibiotic, and I'm watching him like a hawk, to make SURE he is on the "upswing". In the meantime, boy, I sure did miss you ALL!! When he's been at Ohio State Hospital, I can get on the internet there. But, Cleveland Clinic has no internet for the visitors or patients, so I was going nuts!!! I just wanted to check in and I also put some pics on the strays/feral board, of the winter kitty shelters I've been making, just from cardboard boxes, heavy weight vinyl (from Home Depot in their paint section with the dropcloths), duct tape, sheets of styrofoam for the bottom of them, and those emergency blankets, made of mylar. (I cut them up and put them inside, to reflect the kitty's body heat). I went to Salvation Army Thrift Store and they gave me woolen rags to put in them too! Also, a post about making kitty feeding stations out of clear plastic Rubbermaid-type tubs. So, see? I HAVE been staying out of trouble!!!
--OH!! And thanks for the Birthday Wishes TCS sent to me!! My B-day was on Aug. 27th and we were at the hospital then. The nurses were SO nice,and came in with a plate of doughnuts with candles on them and sang me Happy Birthday!
I am so glad to be back here!
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So happy to see you! You and your husband sure have been through an ordeal. What a relief that he's doing better now! Bet you're keeping him under constant observation and making sure he takes every last bit of this new antibiotic exactly as prescribed!
What an angel you are to these precious babies!Bless you for all your hard work to care for them and love you give them!
Sierra, Serenity, and I are so happy you had such a lovely Birthday! Nothing like Birthday doughnuts!
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Gosh what a tough time you've had, bless you for still taking care of the feral kitties! I'm just going to take a look at those pictures now!

Welcome back
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Welcome back!, glad to hear that your husband is on the mend
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Your poor hubby! Glad he is better now Bless you for building shelters for the little strays/ferals
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Welcome back! .....
Of course all members are missed here1 .

see you around!
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