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Celine Dion

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I don't know if anyone here likes her or not. I know that a lot of people hate her, but she is really talented. I think her voice is so beautiful. Anyway we just got in her new song. Her first one in 2 years. It's called 'A new day has come'. It's absolutely stunning. An absolutely gorgoeus song. It's inspired by the birth of her son, and I can't imagine it not touching anyone who has children.
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I absolutely love Celine. She has the most beautiful voice. I'll be looking for that song. Is it out now?
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Radio stations recieved it today, so it probably won't hit the airwaves for a few more days. As for being out in the stores, probably not for a month at least. Shhhhh....but PM me your address and I'll burn you a copy and send it to you
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here's a schedule of her appearances~

Today show march 26-27
The View march 26
Regis and Kelly march 27
CBS early show april 5
CBS Celine network special april 7
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Ap - why do so many people hate her?
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I have no idea, but I know when I mention her sometimes, I get instant 'oh yuck' reactions. Some people think she's sappy, weepy and the music is wimpy. I don't agree at all, but it all comes down to personal taste.
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I think she has a gorgeous voice. I loved My Heart Can't Go On from the Titanic.

I saw her interview on 20/20 w/ Barbara Walters. I am glad she is coming back. Woohoo!!!
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I love Beauty and The Beast, My Heart Can't Go On, When I Fall In Love(from Sleepless in Seattle), If You Ask Me To, and some others that I can't think of right now.
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I missed her interview with Barbara. What did she say? Anything interesting?
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But, as usual, all the radio stations play her music, along with any other good music into the ground and you get to the point that if you hear the song again, you want to hang yourself:tounge2: - they really do around hear, anyway.....
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I definitely know what you mean, the same goes for Houston!
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I really like Celine too! I had heard she was making a comeback....that is awesome news! She is very talented!
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Celine Dion is an amazing singer. A few years ago, when she was just starting out, I went to Michael Bolton's concert, and she the opening band. I knew who she was back then, but she wasn't that big back then ..... She is pretty, too. They had her on 20/20 last week, and she is going to be singing at one of the casinos in Las Vegas 5 nights a week, so she can spend time with her baby.
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Celine has a completely amazing voice..very powerful yet beautiful. Ya gotta love the Titanic soundtrack song 'My Heart will go on' I bawl when ever I hear that, it reminds me of someone I lost a few years ago. I have to agree with Mariah not holding a candle to Celine..I tend to appreciate female singers a lot more when they don't depend on cleavage and 2 lbs of makeup to sell a CD. Celine is, and will always be a very classy lady :rainbow:
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I have enjoyed Celine since she started out in Canada singing in french. I love her Christmas album. Too my she has a pure sounding voice. In 2003, she will be openning at Ceasar's Palace in Vegas. The are building a whole theatre just for her (CP is where she had her 2nd wedding to her husband Rene). The production of her show is being done by the Cirque de Soliel team. It sould be fantastic. I love Vegas anyway, so I'll have to go when she is there!
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I like Celine too..... I totally agree Melissa that I prefer singers who don't depend on clevage and make up I love Celines voice - so powerful and so natural....
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