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brother-sister fighting

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Just taken ownership of two 2-year old cats whose owners (who live 4 doors away) went abroad and couldn't see them parted or in a home.
They are GREAT - our first cats.
Kept them indoors for two weeks to settle them in.
All fine, for the first couple of months, but then the male kept disappearing overnight or sometimes for 3-4 days and returning for food - he was much less affectionate than before.

Finally we traced him to the bottom of the road where another neighbour kept feeding him and letting him sleep in her house. We asked her to keep shooing him out, after all if next doors cat came into our house we of course would pet him, but put him outside. Anyway, he kept staying away until we finally confronted the neighbour and found that she has a lovely bed in the front room for him, but also had him half-zipped up in a sort of transparent cat-bed in the kitchen.

So we retrieved our cat and now I have had to keep them both indoors. Its been 2 days and the are both fighting like mad. The male keeps wanting to go our, but I feel that I should maybe keep them in a week, play with them lots, and then let them our. Slightly worried the male will go back to the neighbour but I said to them that I will be round to check.

Trouble is we are at work all day and keeping them in the house for a week is a little upsetting, the female is hiding a lot from the male - and before this they all got on so well together

any advice much appreciated....
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He smells a little different now... It will get over but meanwhile it is tiring out yes.

Perhaps try with Feliway?

Or even propose the neighbour to have the cat if she loves him so much.??

Contract, her total legal responsibility and so on.
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I assume both of them are spayed and neutered?
And about your neighbor? It looks like she is really fond of your boy and viceversa. However, I agree with you that if she knew the cat belonged to you, she shouldn't have treated him like it was hers. She should have contacted you of his whereabouts.
If you don't want your cats to wander far, but still be outdoors, why not build a fence around your property?
Right now, both of your cats especially the male is stressed by being cooped up inside. Lots of TLC, and patience and they'll settle in again.
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