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the little terror

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I have 5 cats.
The youngest one [3 years old] is a real terror.
He won't accept if anyone shows affection to my other cats.. he'll attack them out of jelousy. Its not as if he enjoys being patted, he doesn't like it as much because he's always running around. He just hates when he doesn't get attention.
He blocks doors so my other cats can't pass through.
He sneaks around and jumps on top of them just to scare the *** out of them.
He'll make every single cat climb up a tree or go running in the house.. and then he'll walk triumphantly around the garden. Its quite funny actually.

But my other kitties aren't happy.

The only one who he shows more respect to is to Tom [who's 15 years old].

I don't know if this is important but max is male. the other 3 are female and tom obviously is male.
all of them neutered.

I don't know how to control this little guy.

He has a very and I mean VERY bad relationship specially with one cat because both of them sleep on top of my bed at night and both of them keep fighting over my affection more than the other cats.
It doesn't matter how much I try to divide myself or how much I pet them equally, they don't understand.

what can I do?
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How did you introduce them? At what age did you get him?
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I got him when he was 3 weeks. A couple kids on the street wanted to put him in a plastic bag to suffocate him.. so I grabbed him and took him home.

He stayed in my room with me at all times. Before him it was the other cat who was used to staying in my room. I tried to show her to him but she hissed and left the room.
She is a siamese and very nervouse cat.
After max appeared she became very clingy.

the other cats aren't clingy with me...
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