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Now Jake Is Spraying!

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Last night - Jake went into Jinx's room, went into his litter box, looked at me, meowed AND SPRAYED THE WALL BEHIND THE LITTER BOX!

I am totally freaked out. He has never done this.....

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Has Jake been neutured? When I got my two done, they stopped spraying overnight
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Yes - he's 11 and I just got Jinx about 4 weeks ago after my baby romeo had to be put to sleep . He's never done it - I read a post that it could be that he's stressed out, but he's certainly not acting like it - they are just being introduced, because the shelter told me to keep them separate for a while and we had a setback, so the separation, now I'm thinking was too long.

I am just sooooooo upset. I think he's just letting Jinx know who the boss is, but OMYGOD. I am praying it stops, or I just don't know what I'm gonna do - now I'm very attached to Jinx and don't want to have to give him back
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That's a tricky one Janet - spraying can be so hard to combat. I think you're right about Jake showing who's boss - he's probably showing Jinx that it was his space first. Maybe your vets would have a suggestion.

Sorry I can't be of more help
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First of all- calm down. Spraying, especially when it's just been once, is not the end of the world. It's just pee, not nuclear waste. Jake is probably just making very sure that Jinx knows this is *his* house, especially since he sprayed in the room Jinx has been in, the whole room would have Jinx's smell all over it and not much of Jake. I'm sure others will have better advice how to combat the actual spraying if it continues, I just thought that perhaps you need to stop a bit and not blow this thing out of proportion.

Secondly, the word stress is often misunderstood. Stress doesn't necessarily show much at all, and it's not always due to bad things- even good things can cause stress in both people and animals (like: you're getting married, you're happy about getting married but still getting a bit stressed over the change). My cat pees in inappropriate places when stressed, and the stress doesn't have to come from anything bigger than changing her food, let alone getting a second cat like I too did half a year ago.

Just relax, have a drink or something and worry about this later, it'll seem better after you calm down I'm sure.
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Thank you for the post - you are quite funny - I loved the nuclear waste comment...... okay, I'll calm down. Sorry a little nerotic about my cats because I just lost my baby Romeo a month ago and I've had them for so long, it's hard. I want it to work out, Cuz Jinx is soooooo freaking cute....:tounge2:

Thanks again - too funny....
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I had the same thing happen when I adopted an 8 year old neutered male stray. After about three weeks in the house he suddenly began spraying. It soon became clear that it was his way of telling the other cats that "This is MY house too, so you guys back off!" He continued spraying for another couple of weeks and then stopped. He has not sprayed since then.

During the spraying, I carefully and thoroughly cleaned all sprays with enzymatic cleansers. Then, once I figured out where he sprayed most often, I tapes strips of aluminum foil over the spots. He didn't like to spray the foil and did not move to new places. I tore off about an inch of the foil each day until there was no foil left.

It worked like a charm.....no new spraying even though we just adopted another cat!

Have faith....he'll get better!

BTW, it may not be nuclear waste, but it sure smells like it!
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:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
Look at us....laughing at this subject. What a bunch of kitty nuts we are!
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Well, they had a coupla tussles - Jake is such a brat! He corners him and looms over him, tormenting poor Jinxy. Then they do the swatty screaming thing. OH THE NOISES that Jinxy makes - like a baby crying - I hate it! Jake never makes a noise. But I have not been interfering and it has been just little suffles - not any bad fights -although Jinx had one of jakes claws stuck in his little face I don't like that Jake corners him all the time, though. Jinx still won't come downstairs, unless it's time to eat, then he runs back into his room and Jake goes in and womps him.

This morning, I took the gates down and let them hang out while I took a shower, but I still keep them separate during the day and night till this weekend. Jake of course had to torment him, but MUCH LESS HISSING ON JINXY'S PART! No screaming..... thank God....

I guess its normal - they aren't upset or anything, just have a "conversation" and then Jake leaves. Jinxy still wanders around upstairs and stuff and purs, and rolls over to have his belly rubbed, still eating, not scared.... I think Jake needs to adjust more than Jinx! He's jealous I think and I remind him he was here first and not to worry.

They must have been in my room at some point last night because I woke up to my alarm clock blinking and it was 7:00 am - when I'm supposed to be at work! the little :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:s....:tounge2:

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Fingers and toes crossed Janet!!
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I love the liddle kidden on your signature!
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Hi Janet!

From one cat lover to another.....I'm sorry you lost your "baby".
It's the hardest thing for us as owners to go thru, but always know
that he had a great life with you.

As for your spraying.....there's a product called Feli-way. It's made specifically for feline spraying problems, and it says it's guaranteed to work. Not only break the habit, but help in cleaning
as well. FORTUNATELY I haven't had any problems with spraying here,
but I've seen it where I buy my chow, and if I ever DO have a problem, I will definately give it a try.

Best of luck to you and your new addition.
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Jake is still quite aggressive towards Jinxy - Jinx won't come downstairs still, and I DO NOT leave them out while I'm not home because of this. Hopefully this weekend things will calm down. Jake is constantly going after him and I hate it - no big fights but enough to be nerve wracking.... Jake HAS TO pee in his box every day to show him "who's boss" - this am he started to pee squatting and started to move "up" so I ran over (what a jackass I am sometimes) and pushed his bum down so he would hit the box - I told him "good boy" while I did, but I just had to laugh to myself...:tounge2:

He's such a brat
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