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Mice, birds, etc...

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Does anyone have a way of stopping their cats brining in 'presents'? My two boys are always bringing in mice & birds (as well as worms, leaves, and even a sink plug!) We have put bells on their collars but they seem to be extremely good hunters. Their catflap is open all day while we're at work and I lock them in at night.

I know it's in their nature, etc, etc, but I just wondered if anyone had any ideas.

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Jake and Romeo used to all the time! :tounge2: I think it's their way of saying "hey! I brought Supper home!" I doubt you can break them of it - but who knows! As Romeo got older, he stopped, but Jake loves to hunt. But he doesn't hunt as much now, because he's getting older as well and doesn't have his buddy Romeo to hunt with anymore

How old are your cats?
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They're 18 months old. They're both so proud of themselves when they bring things in. The funniest thing is they don't want my fiance to have them, they always ignore him and come and find me (unfortunately for me that is):laughing2
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If they aren't dead when the bring them, or really maimed, what I was told to do is praise the kat, but free the victim - I have done this on many occasion - I guess its just to make us non cats feel better:tounge2:
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Yep - I was also told the same thing. Don't tell them off because they're doing you a great honour by bringing you dinner (yuk!!) The last time one of them brought a mouse in was Saturday night and we had a couple round for the evening. I've never seen anyone move so quick than my guests when they realised the mouse was alive :LOL:
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I love it when my katz freak my "non cat" freinds out - it's priceless!:tounge2:
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