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TNR Mission #3...Planned for Monday A.M.

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Mission #1 was a complete failure...tried trapping using a cage...not a trap...no success...just a lot of sweat.

Mission #2 was 100% successful I have been caring for a colony of 5 -- 3 females & 2 males. Trapped, spayed & released an adult female (Oreo) with no problems whatsoever. She didn't even run when released...let me pet her and looks super healthy.

Mission #3 is planned for Monday a.m. Trap is outside with cage door zip-tied open. I've been feeding the adults in the trap...not their normal feeding station. Tomorrow's breakfast will be served in the trap with zip-tie cut...trap ready to roll. Have an appointment with vet. (again) so with a little luck, I hope to get another female spayed. Hope to get a particular female who is looking pregnant again...it's truly enough kittens already.

Will keep you updated...wish me luck.
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Good luck, I know what you are going through
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Oh, Leesali, best of luck in getting this girl so she can be spayed! I love your idea of feeding them in the traps. I'll have to do that when I need to trap again!
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They are very very sneaky....

Everything was set in place...vet. appointment, trap, food, etc. I went out to the feed the colony this morning but placed only 1 bowl of smelly tuna in the trap. The females sniffed & sat. One of the males, Tomcat...a large fellow walked right into the trap and started eating. The little devil NEVER stepped on the darn plate within the trap that shuts the door!! He ate & ate & ate...licked his little lips and pranced out of the trap. He actually strained his neck to get to the tuna without stepping on the silver plate!! Very sneaky of him

Will try again...I am not giving up until every last one of them out there is spayed and/or neutered!!
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Oh drat! Well, keep trying. I know some people will tape carboard onto the trigger to make it larger/easier to set off, although I'm not sure that would have helped this time.
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Lots of good vibes for the success of your TNR efforts! I hope you can catch that crafty tomcat.
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