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Hello everyone, I previously posted under the topic of Weaning. Marlee is finally starting to eat a little bit of her dry food, I am so happy! Not the 1/4 cup that she needs, but it is a start! I'm still giving her Rebound and water by syringe, b/c for some rason she is not drinking water by herself. Anything I could do to help with that? But I can tell by the turgor of her skin she is much more hydrated now. But now today she has been having a little bit of diarrhea. The vet had told me to call if this happened, so I did. The woman I talked to said it could be from her finally eating her dry food, since she is not used to it. (Hope this is all it is!) She only had runny diarrhea the first time she went this morning, the second time it was still pretty runny, but had some formed stool, which the vet said was a good sign! Anyways, I'm just keeping an eye on her and am supposed to call them back or take her in the morning if the runny diarrhea persists. Goodness, this little kitty is just keeping me worried, bless her heart. Everyone keep her in your thoughts, and lets hope she gets to feeling better. The main worry is that she is still not playing. She sleeps a lot, which the vet attributed to her dehydration. But even know that 0she has been getting water from a syringe for 48 hours, shes still not playing. I mean she will bat at some things, but won't get up and chase a toy, etc. If she is not playing more and being more active by friday when I take her to get stitches removed, they are going to do blood tests. If any of this sounds familiar, I would love to hear some opinions. This site has been a great help to me and Marlee! Thanks to everyone who has replied!
Ashley (and my baby Marlee)