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Just popped in to say Hi and introduce myself.

I have two 18 month old tabby cats (Chevy & Jimmy - named after my fiance's trucks) and they are adorable (most of the time!) I'm two months away from the dreaded three-oh and am getting married in August.

I have been a member of a tropical fish forum for quite a few months, and figured that there must be a cat one out there somewhere - went looking and here I am

PS: What does it when when a thread has 'sticky' written next to it?
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I just now noticed you already had a thread here!

A sticky means that thread is 'stuck' to the top, so it won't ever disapear off the page.
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I moved your other thread back, since it wasn't an introduction thread after all. Sorry bout the confusion!
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LOL - I just thought I was going mad - my threads kept moving.
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Hiya Sal!

Is your full name Sally? I figured I'd ask...they say the most stupid question is the one not asked!

I'm glad you found us here, we have some really nice folks from England that are members here too! don't worry about turning 30...I've been 29 forever! :laughing2 It's all a state of mind love!!! hahaha!

Oooo....and I see you're getting married too!!! Well, that one you can't fib about after it's done!!! hahaha!

Perhaps you can post some pics of your kitties!!! Have fun and we'll see ya on the Boards!

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Originally posted by Catarina77777
Hiya Sal!

Is your full name Sally?
Hi Cat,

You're right, my full name is Sally, although it's officially Sarah (Sally is a pet name for Sarah) which confuses people somewhat, but I prefer Sally / Sal.

I'd love to post some pics of my boys, but don't know how Can I attach a file from my desktop, or have the pics got to be on another website?

Thanks for the welcome - I'm going to like it here!!
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Hi Sal:daisy:

You don't have to have a website to mirror them from, but it's preferred only because we have so many members and so much bandwith! hahaha! But that's okay, if you need help, I can explain the meantime, feel free to load them up from your computer and then I can pm you and explain how to do it the other way It's not hard...and once you do it that way, you can put more than one pic on a post too

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Thanks Cat,

I found a free photo album on Webshots, so can now put my pics on:

My Boys (Chevy & Jimmy)

Hmmmm, small pic though
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Hmmm...I only see the dreaded red x' you see the pics now?
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Oh, let me tell you another place that gives you a better space!!! It's a wonderful site!!! Go there and you'll not only have a place to save your pics, but it's a full on site where you can click each day to save the big cats, the rainforest, the pandas and help prevent breast cancer. I've been a member there for quite some time and all I do each day to help is click a button! hahaha! They have so many wonderful things there too. Email, ECards that are GREAT, Forums, Screensavers, Wallpaper, contests! It's a wonderful site Oh, and you're up to 250 pics!!!

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That's really weird - the pics where there when I first posted them? I'll try the site you suggested Cat.

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I've used that website you suggested Cat, so here goes:



Think I'll have to enlarge them a bit
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Awwwwwwww...I wish they were bigger, but how cute!!!!! Please post more!!! Did you click on "view" where the pic is just the looks, like you didn't click on view...try that and the pic will be larger unless of course you have a very small file of the pic...?? You're little Jimmy looks like my Cary...he's in the lounge forum haha!!! I wish I could see Chevy better
More more more!!! hahaha!

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Chevy again!!! (I hope)

Oh at last - thought I'd never manage it!!!!!!!
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WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW !!!! I loooooooove Chevy!!! heehee :laughing2 MORE MORE MORE!!! :laughing2 :laughing2 Soooooo cute!!! Thanks Sal!

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LOL - I've posted a couple more in the cats lounge Cat
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OOOO!!! Good! I hear you met poor soul! hahahaha!

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Bodlover!!! She said she warned you about me! Bad Rhee! haha!!! Poor Sal! Listen, I fell asleep! Jeesh!!! I only had a few hours! hahaha!

Terrible! Bad Cat: haha!

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Look at that tummy!!!!! Oh no....Kitty Munch time....gimme that Kitty Sammich!

Look out for both Cat and Bodlover, they're both looney! :LOL:
(I'm perfectly fine though! )
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Why am I not convinced Cleo?? :laughing2:
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Heehee...good try Cleo! :laughing2 :laughing2

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Oh another gorgeous photo! what a tease he's being there! Sorry, I missed the welcoming party Sal; I'm from Vancouver, Canada but I spent two years living and working in London; my best friend over there spent a number of years living in Watford and we went to visit some friends of his there and go for a country drive or two; Herts is lovely!
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You're right - Herts is lovely (It's such a small world isn't it); but I can't wait to go back to Canada (hopefully later this year). Although I've never been to Vancouver, we visited Toronto, Niagra and Oshawa when we were there last. It was brilliant!
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Ooooooooops, I am chiming in a bit late here. Welcome Sal to TCS!!! Beware of Catarina, she is a nutcase. But I love her dearly!

Hope you post often, its so fun here!!:tounge2:
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Yes, but not as fun as it is here! hahahahaha! Waaaaahahaha! Nutcase? Hey!
:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:

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Hi Sal....sorry this is is so great to have you here....I'm really glad you have joined us!
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