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Is it an Egyptian Mau?  

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I found two kittens about two or so weeks ago, and I saw a picture of an Egyptian Mau and they look almost the same.
Everything fits except the spots. My kittens are probably 4-5 weeks but I dont see any spots - just short stripes on a silver body.
They have the scarab and black tip tail, they have the mascara lines on their face and their hind legs are bigger than front legs giving me the illusion that they are standing on tippy toes.

I havent taken them to a vet yet but how do I really know they are Egyptian Mau or some other breed?
Maybe they will get their spots later on?
Their faces look almost exactly like the Neko Mau kitten in this picture:
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Egyptian mau are very rare - so with 99,99% they are no egyptian mau, and with 99.9 not even halfbreds of egyptian mau.

But they are surely very beatiful moggies quite alike egyptian mau.

Lucky you - and lucky they who were found by you!

(And look out for their mom - she is probably somwhere near you found them - if not overrun by a car)
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Based on the odds, I would also think that it was not a Mau. The headshot does look similar to some of my kittens, but keep in mind that Bengals, Savannahs, Serengettis, Cheetos, and several other breeds of cat use(d) Maus to make the breed.

It would be more likely that it was a Bengal/bengal mix as many Bengals have marble stripes. If you click on my banner you can see what pedigree Maus look like and compare for yourself.
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Well yeah you're most likely right.
But they look almost identical except for the spots, they have stripes instead.
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Unfortunately, There are few of us who actually know feline genetics really really well... I happen to not be one of them. In any case, no one can really answer your question properly without knowing what the background of the parents might be, (as well as the parents themselves).... So, Your cat is mixed with whatever he looks like to you he's mixed with, sounds kinda harsh I know, but different people will see different things, so the best thing to do is go with your gut.

I am now closing this thread.

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