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Ok I need help ASAP... My parents are separated but my mom is moving into my dad’s house from money reasons... Anyway she has two cats that we rescued. My dad has 1 cat and a dog. The cat at my dad’s house is kind of mean... He will scratch sometimes... He was in a home with a lot of action. My mom is moving in on Weds. And she put her cats in my dad’s house. Her cats are the sweetest things. Any who we introduced the cats and my dads cat was mean about it and had his tail raised and ready to pounce... Now my moms at are under my bed growling and won’t go to the bathroom or eat or drink... The other cat is in the garage till I find out what to do. I am not sure what I should do. They cats are up in my room and the one cat is really scared and won’t come out and he is breathing so hard... I feel so bad. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME...?

My email is EquineMaster@hotmail.com and my AIM is Equine Master...

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Keep them separated it is to soon to expect them to just get along.
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Some hissing or even pouncing with paw is normal as long as they didnt fight for real. Even most gentle cats would hiss some. He isnt not necessary extrem mean, I mean.
But of course he is defending his territory.

But the two new are very afraid, and because of this they must get help and extra protection yes.

Keep them separated as yet, as Hissy said.
Try to find a grating, and a little later when they have calmed down some
have it in the doors - so they are separated by the bars but can see and smell each other. After a time they will get each others smell, and so on...

By the way. Are you sure the cats are afraid of the house-cat? They may also be afraid of the dog... And in some extent to the new surroundings.
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Hi, I think the panting cat is afraid of the dog, they don't do that over other cats. It's really important that they feel safe from the dog (and cats) first, so you'll have to be sure it can never get at them.
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Keep your cats in a seperate room, if possible try to keep his cat in one area and your cats in another for a while.

Cats are territorial, and your dad's cat won't like the new room mates coming out of no where.
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Like the others have said keep them seperated, and keep swapping their blankets over so they can get used to the different smells etc...

You'll need a lot of patience but stick with it
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Please click here to read how to properly introduce a new cat to an old cat.

If you just throw together two unfamiliar cats, you will almost always see aggression. To keep this aggression from happening, use the procedures discussed in the above link.
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