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Well, we have inherited a third cat. As we were moving in, one of the neighbors stopped us and explained that he was moving to another state and had not been able to find a place where he could keep his cat, and he offered him to us. Hubby was charmed, so now we have a new one.

Fred is about 9 months old and all white. His eyes are dark, probably green but maybe gold. He is almost entirely nocturnal, ie. I don't see him during the day but he appears about sunset. He needs to be neutered, so that will probably happen sometime after Sparky. The will all go next weekend for the rabies booster at the clinic ($5 each).

Fred already has a nickname, "Sugarpud". Pud like pudding, from that annoying little bird "I tawt I taw a puddy tat". I keep wanting to call him Pickles, but nobody else is going to like that.

So far not too many problems. My boys hadn't exactly made this place home yet, so Fred is just one more thing for them to get used to, not so much an intruder. And Fred, who has been an only cat, is pretty curious about everyone else. Should be interesting.
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Sunlion!! thats soooo cool!!! (Hmmm I wonder if that will happen when we move house!?!?! I hope sos!!! hahah) He sounds like a cutie!! and I like the name Pickles!!! (I wanted to call one of ours that - but hubby wouldn't let me.. hmph... hahaha) I hope they all get along well!!! Keep us informed!!! (oh and get a picture!!!)
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Welcome to Fred!
That is great news.
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I am looking forward to hearing more about Fred. Please post his picture when you can.
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Sunlion - Where did you move to? Are you still in Arlington?

The new kitty sounds beautiful. White cats are so striking.
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We really just about moved across the street, pretty funny! Hubby was most motivated by the idea of getting satellite tv (it was a tree issue) but this place is a little bigger and the neighbors are nicer. The one across the street must not have been screening very well, because in the last few months there have been lots of loud parties going after midnight, car alarms going off (no thefts, but still), one apartment smells like pot, police posted a notice on another apartment that didn't get moved in over a week before we moved. Plus, my daughter couldn't go outside on her own because there was no way for me to watch her, so she was stuck to my schedule. I think this is going to be an improvement for us, though what a hassle! It's as much work to move across town as it is to move across country!
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Blackie and Sparky have discovered a trick that completely baffles Fred. Fred really wants to sniff them closely and they aren't ready for that, so over the course of an evening there is a certain amount of sudden movement and dashing around. Now it is hard to see certain places from a cat's perspective because there are still tons of boxes around, but . . . Blackie ran around the coffee table, up onto the sofa, and jumped to the top of the armoire where the computer is kept. I don't know if Fred didn't see him or what, but he absoulutely could NOT find Blackie! He was poking through boxes, running back and forth on the sofa, checking behind the armoire (not against the wall yet), making that chirpy noise they make when they're looking for each other. It was too funny! There is a big square hole in the back of the armoire for cords and air and such, so Fred finally jumped to it from the arm of the sofa. While he was inspecting it, he noticed Blackie's tail. What a chorus of mews and chirps! But Blackie wouldn't budge. Last night, after a particularly rowdy chase through the apartment, Sparky joined Blackie up there - and I didn't think there was room!

Fred also doesn't go up on the table or the counters like the other boys do. I wonder if he just doesn't jump? He seems to have no concept of "up high" like every other cat I've known has had.
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hard of hearing? Some white kitties are born deaf or hard of hearing. Bless your heart for taking in another one Sunlion. You have a good heart!
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He doesn't seem to recognize his name, but he does get startled when I cough. I asked the previous owner and he said Fred's hearing was okay, but he might have thought we would turn him down if he said otherwise. Of course, if he couldn't hear the other cats landing on the table or the armoire, that would explain how he loses them when they jump . . .

He talks rather a bit, though. A squeaky kind of meow, not much volume but so very cute. I would think, a deaf cat wouldn't meow because he wouldn't know other cats made noise when they open their mouths like that . . .
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Awwww, Fred sounds wonderful! I think all white cats are so beautiful!
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I just love that selective hearing thing. Jake does it all the time. Nope, can't hear you! Sorry! tteee hee
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Yep, "Can't hear you calling me right here in the same room, but someone 6 blocks away just started their electric can opener!"
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My cat even knows the hand operated one! I stopped using the electric one, cuz I couldn't even have a freaking bowl of soup without Jake's incesant, me! ME! MINE! I use the hand one now and it's still GIMMIE!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Congrats on the new addition to your family!
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Janet, OMG, it's true! When you're getting food and they want some, they don't actually say "meow" but they very definitely say "meee, meee"! lol
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I had opened a can of corn and had to take some out of the freaking can and show it to Jake and say "see - not kidden food!", he still didn't believe me, so as I was cooking, I was jumping kidden hurdles under my feet. :tounge2:
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Mine just assume that the only reason I would go in the kitchen is to feed them. Now it's a small kitchen, what they used to call a galley kitchen. It's small enough that I can be at the stove and get stuff out of the fridge without moving even tho' it's in the opposite corner of the room. VERY small. So the last thing I want is 3 good-sized cats pacing and me-e-e-ing in there. But they are convinced that every time I go in there, they're going to get fed. Not to feed the family, not to wash dishes, not to get a drink, the only possible reason to go into the kitchen is to FEED the CATS!

But the make up for it by being so snuggly at other times. It's amazing how one good moment of kitty love makes up for all the tripping! lol
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Oh BOY!! Sunlion! I can sooooo relate to that!!!! Isn't it OBVIOUS that that is the ONLY reason we humans go to the kitchen?!?!? I mean what else could we possibly want to do in there?!?!?! hahaha.... Merle actually starts climbing the cupboards so he can rest his head on the work surface - he does that cos he knows he is not allowed on it!! So I guess if its just his fat little head resting there I can't say anything right? .... either that or he starts climbing my legs.... !!! (by the way... does anyone elses cats have a thing for baked beans?!?!?! I can't even get the tin outta the cupboard without some "kitty assisstance"!!!!! They just KNOW!!!!):tounge2:
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Puffy doesn't beg for food when I'm in the kitchen, it's meal time that he's impossible. He sits right at my feet, and every now and then stretches his body up onto my lap and meows at me. He knows he'll get something because I can't resist how cute he is. Muffy doesn't eat table scraps, so she just watches from the other room. Puffy has gotten so spoiled that he will only eat table scraps as a treat. He won't touch cat treats or even canned cat food, even the really yummy stuff. He just snifs and turns away, looking at me like I'm a fool for even offering. Cats!
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I had all three boys in the bedroom today. It sure was interesting.

Sparky seems to be going through an aggressive moment. He attacked Blackie, for crying out loud! Of course later tonight he'll be trying to nurse again and he won't get it when Blackie doesn't put up with it! He's been very demanding of attention and petting lately too. Got to get that boy to the vet soon . . .

But the most revealing incident was Fred. Now the boys have been hissing and growling at Fred every now and then, even swatting him. I don't see it, but I noticed a scratch on Fred's white ear. I kept thinking, "Gotta keep them away from poor Fred, they're just scapegoating him because he's new" and that kind of thing. Well, I was on my bed folding laundry, Blackie was laying on the nightstand, and Fred came up and laid down between us. He very gently sniffed the end of Blackie's dangling tail and Blackie ignored him. I thought, "Good, he's getting used to him" and went back to matching socks. Then I heard Blackie move and I looked up to see if he was going to swat Fred. And there was Fred standing on his back legs poking Blackie in the belly! Little instigator! All this time I've been, Poor Fred for getting picked on all the time, and he's been provoking the others! I guess he really has settled in!

Gonna hafta watch that one re-e-eal close . . .
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I love Fred! hahaha!! Sounds like my Cash! hahaha! Glad you found a new love there!!

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