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Having a bad day... and the cat's not helping!

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Ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? I'm having one of those today. I didn't sleep well, I forgot to change my b.c patch, the dog is misbehaving, lots of little things just seem to really irritate me (ex: boyfriend refuses to clean up after himself, which means I have to do it, he makes a mess when cooking, etc...) and the cat has decided to throw her hat in the ring too! she's chewing on the laundry basket, counter surfing, taking apart the bath towels, climbing the clothes on the clothes rack, and generally being a real pest. Maybe she knows that's going in for her spay tomorrow, and is trying to make up for lost time?? Whatever it is, it's not helping my mood get better! Seems like my only solace right now is to jack up the volume on my favourite song and try to drown out the world...
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Well, it was a full moon last night, so that's probably why kitty is being such a wild child. As for the hubby...good luck! My hubby doesnt make kitchen messes, but you should see his desk and bedside table! Piles and piles of random crap. Drives me bezerk!
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It must be the full moon... Sorry you're having such a bad day!
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ahhh. Popcorn... the great comfort food! I'm still feeling a bit down, but much better than this morning... I think it stems from the feeling of being left out. Yesterday, I was alone to keep an eye on my b.f's comic book store all afternoon while he and a whole bunch of his family and friends were working on renovations in the basement, and today, I've been roped into doing more of the same... we see so little of each other, what with our work schedules, that I feel like the weekend should be "our time"... but I also realize that what he's doing is to improve the house... He's renovating the basement so he can move all his product out of the kitchen, and then renovate the kitchen so we don't have to rely on a rice cooker, microwave, toaster and electric frying pan to cook our meals!

At least he's promised me a trip down to the beach later today with the dog so we can spend some time together alone (his dad is going to eat at his sister's place tonight) and unwind... I need it.

Maybe I'm just being unreasonable...
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That's good that you're going to get to spend some quality time with your bf. I hope your day turns around for you!
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At least you don't live in New Orleans- you could really be having a bad day then.
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You sound just PLAIN TIRED!!!! Not selfish, not unreasonable, just needing some R&R and TLC! After all, even God took the 7th day off!
And I can relate about not having the kitchen stove - I used all that you mentioned, plus the camping-burner that uses the Coleman propane bottle (I was scared too, until the propane company told me that it was safe) and in the winter, I use my woodburner & cast-iron cookware (think the GreenAcres TV show from the 60's). I've had a brand-new stove in the box for almost a year, but the plumbing needs to be replaced so that the floor can be replaced, so that the propane lines can be brought up to code, so that my stove can be hooked up.....sigh....
Glad that the popcorn cheered you up!!!
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It's nice to hear from you! Sorry to hear your day is not going the best
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