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Cats addiced to carbs???? What to do???

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OK guys....I`m convinced about spending more on a better cat food for my "boys".I spent $36.99 on a 20# bag of Natural Choice dry cat food yesterday and have mixed it 1/2 & 1/2 with the leftover cheaper catfood to get them used to it ....and they seem to like it just fine.
HOWEVER....I also bought some of those teeny-tiny cans of the same brand at 79 cents each...and neither of my "boys" will even take a singe nibble after the first sniff.....sooooo I tried mixing it 1/2 & 1/2 with some of the cheaper brand....and they still turn their noses up at it.
I don`t give them a lot of canned....only about a Tablespoon each in the morning and evening....more like a treat than a meal...usually they eat dry...and do they both drink quite a bit of water, so i`m not worried about that.....but I`m wondering what to do about the little bit of canned they do get (and THEY ARE DEMANDING IT even as I write!)
Would giving them that much of their cheaper, and best loved brand, as a small treat 2x`s a day be bad for them??? Or should I quit the canned altogether????
Could they be addicted to carbs, like people, and will get over it in a few days and accept the new canned food?
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I don't know about the carb addiction....some people claim it's a fact. Either way, if your cats prefer what they're eating now and so long as they're healthy, no G-I problems, good coats, proper weight, and drinking adequate water, I really wouldn't bust my butt trying to get them to eat something different. Believe me, I've been trying for months to get Mellie to eat more wet food, but my success rate has been zero. I just don't think it's worth getting all stressed out about it as long as the cat is doing fine.
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I do think cats can get hooked on junk treats etc. And re carb addiction (hate that term it doesn't express the science behind the issue), I know for a fact that I'm not alone in having a body that can no longer process carbs properly, and I rigidly follow a balanced/lower carb diet, have for years now.

Anyhoo...with kitties accepting canned food it can be a texture issue, a with or without gravy issue, some like with fish, some do not, ..it simply takes trial and error and there are quality canned foods in a variety of textures etc. If your previous canned isn't the total pits, why not just continue since they are getting so little of it, it's more important that you have the better quality dry
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OK then...i`ll stick to the really good (dry) stuff but still give them their small "treats" of the cheaper canned stuff....it sure made them happy...and they quit bugging me and are presently taking a nap. Thanks!
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I agree with the texture thing... My girls get cheap ( meow mix puches ) they like that and some very expensive pate cans..
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