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i was just looking at my pictures of sunsets then i saw this thread!

i totally love sunsets, here are a few iv'e taken.

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a sunrise

and i know this is a sunset thread but i just had to add my favorite windmill photo

great thread!

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These are all so gorgeous!!
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A sunrise photo on our first morning in Hawaii - waking up at 4am due to time differences certainly had its compensations

Sunrise in Taormina, Sicily

Sunset from Palermo Airport, Sicily

Finally, not quite as exciting, but lovely to see - sunset over the garden at home

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Awesome Works my dear friends!
a special mention to Felicia and Beth for the great works!!!
thanks for share with us!
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Stunning pictures!
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I'll have to find the ones we took in Cabo. For now, here's one I took a week or two ago out our window.
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What a beautiful pink sky!
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Awesome pics everyone!!
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BEAUTIFUL everyone!!!I especially like the one where the sun looked pink!!!
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This is a beach in Dubai.
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Taken about 10 minutes ago

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Originally Posted by Sims2fan

This is a beach in Dubai.
Ooooh! It's that ultra cool hotel!!! Did you stay there????
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Looks like a beautiful weather day there Karen!
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Lovely photos, everyone. Thank you for sharing!
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Here is about a month ago while we were out at the Best Buy.. Couldn't resist...

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I missed this thread until now. Wow! This is one amazing thread of sunsets!
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More pics of my favorite subject

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Oh wow Karen, those pictures are awesome! What beautiful sunsets!
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Oh! How beautiful! Sunsets are my favorite thing to take pictures of too! I only have a couple in the's some from my snowmobiling trip in Beaver Dam Lake last year....

They were all overlooking the frozen lake through the trees, it was so pretty! But I thought mine were pretty till I saw yours! I don't think I've ever seen the sky here look that breathtaking!! Sunsets are HIGH on my list of favorite things....they just make me feel inspired!
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I think your pictures look GREAT!!!
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I missed this thread last time around. It is worth reviving.
Awesome sunsets.
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