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Cat quit pooping in litter box

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My cat( a 2 1/2 yr. old persian ) was owned by someone else until this Christmas. She really had a rough time adjusting to her new surroundings. I even wrote to this forum about it. Eventually she adjusted and did very well. My family got to see how very loving and sweet she could be. She has never had a problem with using the litter box. From the very first day she has always been great about using her litter box up until this week. She started pooping behind our front door. I have been picking it up and puting it in the litter box. I even cleaned the litterbox and put new litter in it. I even cleaned the spot as good as I could. Still she has chosen to stop pooping in the box. She still pees in the box but no poop. What is wrong with her? What can I do?
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hi, i'm having the same problem with my cat as well. can anyone help?
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Pooping out of the box usually signals an unhappiness. The 3 things to look at would be the type of litter, the type of box and if there's been any change in the house around when she started doing it. Also, Have there been any outdoor kitties lurking around the house?
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We did change the location of the box. She poop in it once but then she didn't want to again, but she pees in it. I'll try to change the type of litter and see.
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About three weeks ago one of our friends had to move and we are keeping their bird until they can find a permanent place for it. Do you think she is marking her territory? If yes why with poop instead of spraying.
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Amadicia, my bet is that it was the move. She was unhappy about it and did her best to let ya know. If she can't adjust, I would move the box back and then try to slowly move it to where you want it.
Sgi26, Yes, it could be the bird. Have you tried putting the bird in one room with the door closed? That may help a little. Cats who are unhappy will do this just to show the discontent. If it was her way of marking, then marking with cats is done in a lot of ways. It is just more common for cats to spray.
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Thank You Sandie I appreciate your help.
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You're right Sandie, it is the location. The new location was very open, she didn't have much privacy. We have two litter boxes now. I put one at the old place and another one at the new place. She actually goes to the new one since I put it in a more secluded area. Thanks for the advice.
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