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Desexed male

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Hey guys
just got my 6 month old male kitten desexed two days ago due to the fact that he started getting a bit aggressive and wanting to get outside alot even though hes an indoor cat
its two days after his desexing and there has not really been a change at all in his behaviour
does it take a while for the testosterone to leave their system or will he stay behaving the way he is
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Yup it sure can! When we had our Toby fixed at about 4 months because of him so loudly vocalizing that he wanted to get outside to the little Fe Fe (female feline) that was sitting on the other side of the window everyday calling to him....I thought that finally we were going to get some peace around here....not so!
After a week I called the vets office back to see if they might have accidently "left something behind" in the operation. I was told that it could take up to 2 weeks for the hormones to quiet down....and it was just about that length of time before he gave up the notion.
The first week is the worse....then the second week you should notice a tapering off of the urges to fullfill his desires.
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Oh...I just realized you are a new member here....Welcome to you and your kitty. This is a great sight...so much to learn and enjoy here.
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ahh k good so i shouldnt be worried
thanks for the help ill see how he goes
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I have heard it can take up to 6 weeks for the hormones to settle, although I guess that may be for an adult cat and it may take a shorter time for a kitten.
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Yes, our toms were relieved of their difficulties in the first 24-hours period after castration, but that was quick. It may take 6 weeks too as booktigger says. Or even longer.
For most somewhere in between.
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Yes, just give it time and it should all balance out.
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